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James Blunt, Hard-Fi, other musicians to start moblogging via Shozu

James Blunt, Hard-Fi, other musicians to start moblogging via Shozu

According to New Media Age, musicians includiing James Blunt, Hard-Fi, Air Traffic, Gisli, The Aliens, and Funeral For a Friend are to start moblogging (mobile blogging) thanks to their record companies giving them Shozu-enabled mobile phones.

Shozu allows high quality photos and video to be uploaded to a number of sites, including YouTube and Flickr, with a key press.

In a world of PR representation of stars, this move is hoped to offer fans a more authentic view of their musical heroes, as it is taken directly by the stars themselves. Quite how much will be edited or orchestrated remains to be seen. It’s supposed to offer a ‘behind the scenes’ look at life on tour.

The record companies currently involved are EMI and Warner.

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Anyone subscribing to Shozu’s service can receive images and video pushed to their mobile phone when they sign up to receive updates on a particular band.

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  • Great, thats all we need. More record labels clogging up the social networking sites pretending to be the artists. When will they learn that they aren’t fooling anyone?

  • The news implied that the artists themselves would be creating the footage – but are they really going to have time or inclination to do that?

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