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Joost inks HealthiNation as content partner

Joost inks HealthiNation as content partner

HealthiNation, a New York City-based digital health network, announced that it will be a featured content partner on Joost, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service. HealthiNation’s advertisers will be offered a range of interactive features such as interactive overlays, integrated video placement opportunities and other engagement oriented features.

Joost’s platform offers HealthiNation’s complete health video library, which features compelling digital bio-animation sequences, on-camera doctors and real-life patient experiences on a wide range of health topics like diabetes, pregnancy, cancer treatment, autism and nutrition.

“Online video viewers are looking for engaging and high-quality content experiences, which drives the need for flexible consumer platforms and great content.” said Raj Amin, HealthiNation CEO. “In this new environment, marketers need more tools to connect with this engaged and sophisticated video viewer, which is why we’re pleased to be working with Joost, which offers a slick consumer experience with a variety of features for consumer engagement.”

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  • Even though this channel doesn’t sound too interesting to me, more content is exactly what Joost needs to gain momentum, so I support anybody singing on to provide content.

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