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Tune-in to These Self-Improvement and Motivational Podcasts for the New Year

Tune-in to These Self-Improvement and Motivational Podcasts for the New Year

Listening to self-improvement and motivational podcasts may sound too cheesy for some. However, this may be the year that we take the time to truly improve and motivate ourselves. One of the many things we learned about the 2020 pandemic is the fact that sometimes, focusing on ourselves is not that bad. We must all learn how to love and improve ourselves because a lot of times we are all we got.

The problem is, we can’t go “Eat, Pray, Love” style to “find” ourselves this time, being stuck at home and all. We can’t go on that big trip to Bali to join a soul rejuvenating retreat. Can we do self-improvement at home? Of course! A little self-love goes a long way, and maybe listening to even five minutes of a motivational podcast can change our outlook in life.

Here are some of the best self-improvement and motivational podcasts to listen to for 2021:

Success in Career and Business? The Science of Success

If you feel stuck at your job and are planning to try a new business venture or take on a new career path, personal growth is always the first step. The best way to learn about personal growth is to listen to experts and leaders from all over the world. Their insightful advice to the young and young at heart is surely something no one should miss. Maybe we could learn a thing or two about their experiences and apply them to our own capabilities.

How did they turn their ideas into reality? How hard is it to become a CEO of a company? It may not have that many episodes yet, but there is surely so much to learn.

Need that confidence boost? The Confidence Chronicles

This podcast is raw and honest about a lot of things that many people don’t talk about. It is an enlightening and relatable podcast on building confidence. Hosted by a mompreneur, the raw and unpolished nature of the podcast is deeply appreciated by its listeners. Children in the background, talking about everyday things, the struggles of juggling work and motherhood – these are the things that make it truly relatable.

Trying to be more spiritual? The Truth Seekah Podcast

Spirituality and religion, these are topics that not many people want to talk about. However, these are topics that intrigue many. It may be out of curiosity or out of the need to be spiritual, but listening to this podcast may help find your “truth”. It does not focus on just one religion, it discusses almost all of it. It explores oriental spirituality, churches, Egyptian spirituality, and more. It even discusses other less-common beliefs like UFOs, aliens, astrology, and atheism.

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Wanting to “find” your soul and purpose? On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

What is our true purpose? Why do we have the lives we have? There are so many unanswered questions and so many answers as well. This podcast by Jay Shetty helps people build better relationships with themselves and others. How do people create positive energy, how could people let go of pain – these are just some of his topics.

Wish to try something new? Marathon Training Academy 

If fitness is your goal for this new year, why not try to challenge yourself by joining a marathon? This particular podcast focuses entirely on running and marathon training but there are still so many lessons to learn about confidence, consistency, and motivation.

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Planning to eat healthier? Food Psych 

Yes, there is such a thing as making peace with food. Food Psych is a podcast by a dietitian nutritionist that helps listeners build better relationships with food. This means that we learn how to accept our size, understand good body image, assessing eating disorders, and more. It touches on over-all self-care and how food can be such an integral part of that.

Focusing on your mental health? Mentally Yours 

The best thing everyone learned for 2020 – MENTAL HEALTH IS AS IMPORTANT AS PHYSICAL HEALTH. We realize this as we got stuck at home. We were left to our devices to entertain ourselves and deal with being by ourselves or with family 24/7. It has brought us closer to what is important to us and the best thing to do for 2021 is to continue this realization.

Coping with grief? Griefcast 

How do we overcome grief? How do we become a person again after losing so much of ourselves from death? Many people may not be comfortable talking about death with another person. Some people are not ready to see a therapist to help them deal with grief. Maybe, this podcast is a first step towards getting over grief.

Is happiness your overall goal? Happier with Gretchen Rubin

From the writer of “The Happiness Project”, this podcast talks about testimonies from people who found happiness in the most ordinary things. If happiness is what you’re after for 2021, this may be one of the good podcasts to listen to.

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