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10 Biggest Fan Drop Offs Based On Facebook ‘Fake Likes’ Purge

10 Biggest Fan Drop Offs Based On Facebook ‘Fake Likes’ Purge

Lady Gaga on FacebookThis past week Facebook began to remove fake accounts from its network and with that removal many Fan Pages inevitably lost “Likes.” As expected most of the biggest “losers” in the Facebook purge were popular Facebook pages created for the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

In fact as?Mashable?points out Lady Gaga lost enough fans to fill Madison Square Gardens three times.

Facebook announced plans to purge fake accounts earlier in the week, citing the need for the network to keep its integrity in check.

Celebrities were at the highest risk of losing fans since out of the top 500 pages on Facebook seven of the top 10 belonged to celebrities.

The biggest loser however is social gaming network Zynga which lost massive fan numbers for??Texas Holdem, CityVille?and?Mafia Wars.?Those three games were the only non-celebrity pages to reach into the top 10 on Facebook.?

Here is the full Top 10 list showcasing the number of fans lost and the percentage of overall fans those numbers included:

1. Texas Holdem Poker: -198,344 fans (-0.30%)

2. CityVille: -72,631 fans (-0.29%)

3. Lady Gaga: -65,505 fans (-0.12%)

4. Rihanna: -49,861 fans (-0.08%)

5. Shakira: -48,359 fans (-0.09%)

6. AKON: -47,937 fans (-0.11%)

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7. Justin Bieber: -45,274 fans (-0.10%)

8. Mafia Wars: -39,708 fans (-0.21%)

9. Michael Jackson: -36,751 fans (-0.07%)

10. Enrique Iglesias: -35,271 fans (-0.12)

Do you think Facebook is acting responsible in removing fake accounts from its network in such a rapid manner?


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