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10 Creative Gifts for Writers

10 Creative Gifts for Writers

gifts for writers

With the holidays quickly approaching, finding gifts for writers in your life may seem impossible. Though it may seem like writers have everything they want and need for their projects, there is always something the writer in your life could use that they may not even know they want. Below are 10 gifts for writers to consider for the upcoming holidays:

What to Look For

Obviously, it’s easy to search for things with writing at the forefront of the gift. This list is going to give a guide for creative gift ideas that go beyond clever mugs, or witty literature t-shirts.

  • Fountain pen 

Fountain pens are very popular with writers because they are effortless to write with, but many writers won’t buy them for themselves. They still prefer old-school brainstorming and outlining, but use regular point pens so as to not spend too much money on a luxury pen. A fountain pen gives them the opportunity to write for pages on end without cramping due to not having to put any pressure into the pen while writing. Fountain pens also have a sleek design and there are many different choices to fulfill having a sleek design. Fountain pens also give a sense of nostalgia to past writers to help with writer’s block and create a space dedicated to their craft.

  • Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are another luxury item that many writers want but have not gotten themselves to buy, and are simply sticking to the old pair they’ve had for years. Upgrading to a noise-canceling set of headphones is great for writers because it makes their remote working opportunities endless. With noise cancellation, they can work in their favorite local coffee shop or any number of places without distractions or fear of losing their train of thought.

  • Journal

Though it may seem basic, new journals are very personal gifts for writers. There are prompted journals if they are going through a specific time in life, or writing a specific narrative. There are also blank journals for the writer in your life to fill with their own thoughts and wonders. To make it even more personal, you can find real leather-bound journals that can be engraved with the writer’s initials.

  • Lap Desk

Whether the writer in your life works from home or takes their work home with them, a lap desk is a great gift to keep their comfort a top priority. No matter what their style is, having a comfortable way to write from their couch or bed will give them more options rather than always sitting at their standard desk. There are all shapes, sizes, and styles that you can personalize.

  • Typewriter/Keyboard

On the same trend as working from home, writers tend to love a sense of nostalgia when writing. Taking them away from their laptop and using a Bluetooth typewriter or personalized Bluetooth keyboard can bring them the spark they have been looking for.

  • Online courses 

No matter what profession someone is in, continuing education is vital. Both the long-time successful writer and the rookie will find useful tools to grow their skillset. From creative writing to working on specific skill sets such as imagery or grammar, there is a class to hone those skills.

  • Under desk treadmill 

Working from home, or in the office doesn’t mean that you have to sit down for 8 hours anymore. Desk treadmills were designed to keep workers up and active rather than confined to an office chair all day. Walking periodically throughout the day will not only increase mood and fitness, but it is great for posture and overall well-being. Not to mention you can get your steps in each day.

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  • Accessories 

Every writer has a dedicated office space, whether it’s just a desk in the corner of their studio apartment or a full room in their home. Gifts for writers could include upgrading their accessories while staying practical and in the realm of items that people tend to not necessarily buy themselves because what they have still worked. A new laptop case or desk organizer with their initials on it can go a long way. A new leather carrying case for all of their items whenever they have a meeting or need to go to the office. Any accessory needed to get the job done throughout their day-to-day life could use a personalized upgrade for the holidays.

  • Cookbook

Writers don’t just write all day every day. But they do like to focus everything around writing and literature, even cooking! There are tons of fun cookbooks that cater to the literature lover and writer in your life. Some are themed around classic authors. Some are themed around series creating the dishes of that time period or fantasy world. There is a cookbook for every occasion and every themed party.

  • Self Care Kit

A great gift idea for anyone is a care package. They can all be unique and cater to the person you are gifting and their personality. For writers, they may be staring at a screen all day so blue light glasses are a great addition. Face masks and eye patches for their wind-down time. Slippers and a plush robe to stay cozy while they work from home. A bottle of their favorite wine to sip on while they read the work of their favorite author after work. Most importantly, a brand new book from their “to be read” list to add to their collection.

Wrap Up

Now that you have a comprehensive gift guide for the writer in your life, you are ready to tackle the holiday season with gifts that are truly from the heart!

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