100 blogs in 100 days: 1 week down

We are now 8 blogs into 100 blogs in 100 days and theres been some wonderful blogs featured and there is still an awfully large number to go. Keep sending your entries in. I am reading them all as I go and I’m starting to allocate blogs for the following weeks ahead as well.

Two small requests though: if your blog doesn’t work in Firefox don’t bother emailing me because I’m not using IE for anyone. If you’ve updated your blog once in the last two weeks and are wondering why people aren’t reading it then I’m not going to give you a free leg up because nothing will help you if your not blogging regularly.

But back to something more positive. Theres been some great stories coming out of the feature and I want to share one that I’m totally chuffed with. Our first blog off the ranks was Brian Benzinger with Solution Watch, that I can best describe as being a really good looking site with some really interesting content. As they say in promotions the following results may not be typical and cannot be assured, but I tell you what if I can deliver a couple of more stories like this I’ll be a very, very happy man.

(reprinted with permission from Brian, and combined content from 2 emails)

Hey Duncan,

Just want to say another thanks! I want to just inform you on what you have helped with:

– Received about 30 more new readers to my feeds
– Sent the message across to others such as TechCrunch, who mentioned my Social Bookmarking list. This then got spread onto Del.icio.us, Populicio.us, Del.icio.us Popular list, furl and all these other bookmarking lists.
– Trackbacks and comments from other websites
– About 600 more unique visitors than my average daily visitors with you and the other sites combined
– And lastly, Paul Scrivens of 9rules Network, has asked me to join his Network.

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Thank you very much for this opportunity and I hope that others will benefit as much as I have. It has been an exciting day!…It really does sound too good to be true. My brother and I were discussing it and I am still in shock that all this has happened in the last 24 hours.

From little things big things grow. You know Brian could be in the Feedster 500 by this time next year, or even by the end of the year, and so to can you. What more can I say. I’m stoked that this has happened to Brian. Although everyone’s not going to get a run because there are now 300-400 odd entries I’d ask everyone who entered, and those who haven’t, and drop by to some of the wonderful sites that will be featured over the next 92 days. Sure, your not going to like them all, because they all have different content and different ideas, but mark my words I’m betting you’ll find one you do like. And you never know, amongst them may well be the next very big thing.

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  • I think this is great. I think more sites should showcase the blogs of the world that deserve a little recognition. I have made it a point to have Sites I love showcases on my site, but I need to do another round of them as my list of sites I love has grown.

  • Thanks for the mention again, Duncan! Things have been going very well now at Solution Watch. Before all of this happened, FeedBurner read that I had about 20 readers. Now, it says I have about 70 (which is a big deal to me)!

    This has all been an amazing week! I would, obviously, thank you again, Duncan, and also give a thanks to my visitors, 9rules, TechCrunch, and everyone else that has been supportive :)

  • Ok, can I throw my own blog into the hat. It is a collection of random thoughts and articles filled with angst, excitement and hysterical ramblings with an occasional touch of humor.

    All that for the low price of nothing as well as the pleasure of reading something natural and pure. Ok, maybe not natural or pure and maybe not even funny, but it is better than a poke in the eye.

  • Thanks for taking this on. I’m sure the e-mail management end of the project is not pretty!! It is clearly worthwhile, though, & great to hear what a little exposure can do for those of us who are out there with good stuff to say, & a little difficulty connecting with a broad base of readers. May there be 99 other outcomes from this project just like Brian’s!!

  • Okay! After seeing Week one picks, please ignore my email request to include my blog in one of your 100 picks. It’s obvious, based on the caliber of these great sites you listed so far .. that there are much better and deserving blogs out there for all to discover and I personally can’t wait to see them.

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