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100 blogs in 100 days, day 10: IceBin’s Blog

100 blogs in 100 days, day 10: IceBin’s Blog

Day 10 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to China with Icebin’s Blog, a Chinese language blog.
Blog: Icebin
About: “Some interesting all over the world.include movies,gadget,design,music,blogging,,,,, and so on.simplified chinese version.”

So drop on by and check out Icebin’s blog and leave your comments and thoughts here.

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  • Well done Duncan! I went to check out this blog because I’m going in a business trip to China. As the blog is in chinese, obviously I didn’t understand anything. But an idea popped into my head: why don’t you organize a list of cool blogs in other languages? Maybe top 20 in spanish, french, german, chinese, portuguese, etc. It could be cool, I could help you with the list in spanish, french and portuguese, and I’m sure many more people would be interested in giving you a hand in compiling such a list. Donno, just a thought.


    P.S. I’m going to China in 2 weeks, to expand‘s operations there. If any chinese blogger is interested in contacting me to meet you there, please visit and send an email from there. Thanks.

  • Too bad I can’t read Chinese. This blog looks pleasant to watch, and I’d sure like to be able to know more about it!

  • Love this blog. Although, I cannot read it, it is still a great resource. Without the images to in the posts, I would definitely not know what was going on! Subscribed! I’ve been looking through the archive and keep finding something interesting.

    Great job!

  • Ha! I am glad I can read Chinese… Ok.. saw a few things on the site that I’d like to share with you
    The title of the blog site is very interesting: A Pig Works Hard For His Dreams… So the site owner doesn’t mind being a hard working pig I guess..
    The first a few entries are all related to designs and a cool flash site he found…

    That one entry with a big green “Ask & Answer” banner is a real funny one. I have never seen anything like that before. The entry bascially ask people to submit questions in the comment section, and then our Hard Working Pig had to answer all of them. So, someone asked, “When was your first time?” Pig answered, “I assume you must be asking me about Blogging… “… Then someone else asked, “what is the color of your underware?” Pig answered, “Now, the new rule is if you asked a question, you shall answer that question yourself before I give you an answer..” So finally people started to ask, ” What’s your purpose of living in this world? ” The Pig said, “For money, for house, for cars, for my loved ones and to be a Pig who works hard for his dreams.”

  • Sadly, this is the first time I’m not going to aggregate the site in my newsreader because I really do not understand that language :( But it looks good! Just… can’t understand.

  • In chinese, many people writes blog but only a few write english blog. (As I know, only one).
    It may be a barrier between outside and chinese blogger.
    But I think it will be better when we try to write english blog and foreign friend try to learn chinese language.

    I like many new interesting thing in this year, such as Flickr ( you can see the account “sunwell”), is becoming more important in my work, and I even write an application to use it.

    Hope more and more people focus on China :)

  • In chinese, many people writes blog but only a few write english blog. (As I know, only one).
    我倒,few 用英文写,å?¯æ²¡å‡ 个 english 用中文写啊。切~~~

  • Haha, I am a Chinese student in HongKong, Why people in western cultures don’t use Chinese to write his or her blog? that’s the answer I will give sunwell. People assumed weblog as a reliable news resouce from mainland China because they always believe we can’t say what we want espcially in a hierarchy country. But this is not true. Most blog in China are those who writted by a 20 girl. People are not so interested in politics nowadays.

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