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100 blogs in 100 days, day 12: Jedi Master

100 blogs in 100 days, day 12: Jedi Master

Day 12 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to the right side of the force with Ray Camden
Blog: Jedi Master
About: “The main purpose of the blog is to discuss ColdFusion, a web application programming language. I’ve recently begun a series called “Ask a Jedi” where I respond to various developer questions. Along with ColdFusion I also have various personal posts, mostly related to video games. My blog is pretty specific, but might be a good example on how to focus on a particular community.”

So drop on by and check out Jedi Master and leave your thoughts here for Ray.

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  • Always wanted to try learning ColdFusion. Maybe now is my time :-)

    Great blog. Going to read more so I can learrn some of this, and great tools. Nice of you to make them available. Keep up the great work on the blog!

  • Savage Vines: “This site seem quite interesting but filled to brimming with ADs hehe”
    Unlike this page? Ray’s blog is positively empty compared to the number of ads on this page. I think his Ads are minimal and a small price to pay for his wisdom. The net makes it all to easy for people to swallow up vast quantities of knowledge without donating a penny in return. I mounted a campaign (albeit an under subscribed one) to encourage blog readers to acknowledge the sites they read regularly by clicking one add on the site each time they read something of value. This way the ad owner pays the author for their good content and the reader still pays nothing but at least is rewarding the author indirectly. Maybe it would have been more successful if I could coin a phrase like “Glick your author” (Googlead CLICK) but that’s just silly :-)

  • Geeze guys did I say that the many ADs were a bad thing? It was not a rant of “OMFG I can’t belive that a roxorz site had so many ADs, that suckz!” hehe :P

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