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100 blogs in 100 days, day 17: Parents Behaving Badly

100 blogs in 100 days, day 17: Parents Behaving Badly

Day 17 of 100 blogs in 100 days comes to us from an author who would be better known to many as a writer over on the Weblogs Inc., baby blog Blogging Baby, Jay Allen.
Blog: Parents Behaving Badly
About: “Please don’t make me blog you.” Bad parenting from the hilarious to the horrific.

Well that’s all Jay had to say about it but think Fark crossed with a touch of the crime news in the local paper, and chuck in some cringe factor to boot. You’re probably not going to react to this blog much unless you’ve got kids. If you have on the other hand…..

So drop on by and check out Parents Behaving Badly and leave your comments for Jay here.

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  • Great blog! I can relate to a lot, as I am still young. Specifically the post on the Condos and College Students. Well, I am lucky enought to drive 2.5 hours a day to college (with $3.50 per gal of gas!!), but a lot of my friends live near my college now. My college doesn’t have dorms, you see. So parents feel that because of this, this, they must help their children and pay for an appartment. No, its cool, they don’t have to pay for anything. (I’m not jealous, I swear.) Parents need to learn a limit.

    But, great blog, keep up the good work :)

  • I like this blog. God forbid I ever show up on it, but it made me laugh. I am sure my 8 year old, who already finds me goofy and embarassing, will one day have her own blog about how her dad is square.

    Keep up the good work….only 17 days into this an I am already dreading day 101 (what will we do?).

  • Great choice. I know this site and go there when I want to feel like I’m not insane. Plenty of great stories to bring to the next gathering of adults for conversation starters–all the fun of gossip without any of the guilt. Written cleanly without passing iron-fisted judment. Well done.

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