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100 blogs in 100 days day 22, Undercover in Japan

100 blogs in 100 days day 22, Undercover in Japan

Day 22 takes us to Japan, with a colorful blog from Simon Quain

Blog: Undercover in Japan
About: “In June 2004, I moved to Japan`s second largest city Osaka. I started the blog the day I came to Japan and it`s been a diary of my attempted emigration. It is fun blogging in such a vastly different country as many novel experiences happen to me each day. I`ve blogged about ating octopus pancake balls known as takoyaki as well as observing the festivals and traditions of Japan. I also try and throw the odd interesting news story in and put up photos of interesting things I`ve seen”

So drop on by and check out Undercover in Japan and leave your comments for Simon.

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  • Too Little Information.

    I find the Japanese fascinating and was excited to see this blog. Problem I have with it is there is too little information.

    For example he has a picture of political sign, which is very interesting, but no explanation of how it gets filled. Is placement first come first serve?

    But I don’ like all the pictures. And it is interesting to see what he notices.

  • Thanks for the feedback but please let me defend myself. In the post, I wrote how they are filled in numerical order and then pondered why they don`t bypass this and all go for the top rank which is more prominent.

    Thanks for the comment though. One of the beauties of this kind of series is you can get a wider range of feedback to your blog which can only in the long run be good news for it.

    Thanks to Blogherald for including me :)

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