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100 blogs in 100 days, day 23: Diary of the Mad Pigeon

100 blogs in 100 days, day 23: Diary of the Mad Pigeon

Day 23 takes us to a blog which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea politically, but certainly had one of the most interesting pitches amongst the applications to 100 blogs, and for memory its also the first time we’ve featured a political blog as well. Its always nice to see some one who writes politics also reads the Blog Herald, sometimes I wonder whether Scoble was partially right and there is more than one blogosphere, the political blogosphere and the rest of us :-)

Blog: Diary of the Mad Pigeon
About: “Who is The Mad Pigeon? I’m an Air Force officer and former Army NCO with degrees in History and National Security Studies, and a trained geopolitical analyst; and my exposure to multiple cultures and socio-economic backgrounds has made me pretty bitter about our own consumer culture–once you’ve seen someone living in a hut it’€™s hard to tolerate excess. Thus, I’m bothered by consumerism, elitism, status seekers, snobs, and extremists on either side of the political-religious fence. Most of my writing, then, is either on geopolitics or making fun of said elitists–with occasional posts on music, literature and useless trivia.”

So drop on by to the Diary of the Mad Pigeon at let James know what you think.

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  • Hello Mad Pigeon, it’s… another mad pigeon !
    I’m directing small supid movies for a while under the label “Mad Pigeon”. It’s a kind of series of short films that started in africa and will spread to the world I hope… It’s broadcasted dayly in Senegal at the moment. I’m based in Paris, France.
    You can see one film on my site, clicking on the right of the screen (petit / grand format ; windows/quicktime)
    I like your spirit, you should like mine.

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