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100 blogs in 100 days, day 26: Mollyzine

100 blogs in 100 days, day 26: Mollyzine

Day 26 takes us to the domain of Blogspot, and certainly not one of the prettiest blogs I’ve seen (ahhhhhh! Blogger orange…sorry Phillip) but its certainly got a lot of content on something that’s highly topical in nearly every Australia home come September, and that’s footy. From Phillip Molly Malone:

Blog: Mollyzine
About: The Mollyzine is the ramblings of Phillip Molly Malone. I talk about things from AFL footy, Sports, Family, General nonsense and Podcasting and Blogging. Among the categories included are Two podcasts: Molly’s Monday Machinations and The Malone Show. MMM focusing on a AFL footy topic a week and The Malone focusing on all other things in my world, including Podcasts, blogging, etc. The site also contains Product reviews and soon will have
Screencast as well (as you can see, I am buzzword compliant!)

So drop on by and get your dose of footy from Mollyzine before the West Coast Eagles win the Grand Final and let Phillip know what you think.

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