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100 blogs in 100 days, day 37: GlitteringMuse

100 blogs in 100 days, day 37: GlitteringMuse

Day 37 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to a bright and shiny blog from Garnet

Blog: GlitteringMuse
About: “GlitteringMuse conveys a light, ethereal, gay (faerie) tone. I could call it a Diary of Beauty and Optimism. I dabble in poetry, where I express a love of words and their combinations. Beauty and its guises is a favorite subject, and gay or faerie spirituality is another. Some of my poems are abstract, almost mystical, in content. This is where I dwell, in a distant orbit. In prose my subjects are varied, to include classical music, balance of spirit, food and wine, gender issues, nature, travel and of course, my personal impressions of them all.”

So drop on by to GlitteringMuse and let Garnet know what you think.

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  • Great choice. I spend as much time over there as I can. David is that rare person who can write with honesty on any subject, while keeping an open mind for his readers’ points of view. He brings up the most interesting ideas and topics.

    Congratulations, Glittermuse!

  • Wow, I’m honored.

    After six months of blogging, I feel I’ve arrived. I hope to be the kind of blog where folks can stop by for a cup of tea with the foxglove faeries or a jaunt through the universe to watch stardust gel into poetry. I always stray far from home, but never leave home alone. My Muse is always with me.

  • Congratulations, Garnet – you deserve it!

    Incidentally, Duncan (is he listening d’ya think?), the ads you’re running now are much better from the point of loading times than the previous ones. The Herald used to take an age to finish loading but it’s almost fast now. I have to use an ancient computer and I appreciate little things like that! ;)

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