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100 blogs in 100 days, day 4: The Y Logs

100 blogs in 100 days, day 4: The Y Logs

Day 4 of 100 blogs in 100 days sees us dash across the Atlantic for a blog from Yzabel
Blog: The Y Logs
About:”The Y Logs contain mostly reflexions about writing and blogging, with tips that I gather along the way. My aim here is to document the long process of going from aspirant writer to published author, including all the woes, questioning and editing matters one may encounter on the road. It’s primarily about writing, but I believe that knowing how to write properly and in an interesting fashion can be an asset for “simply blogging” as well as for professionnal works.”

So drop on by and check out The Y Logs, a leave your comments here for Yzabel.

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  • Great blog, Yzabel. I’m really enjoying reading your reviews. With your post regarding reading Blogging books lately. I have been doing the same thing. For some reason, it is just sparking my interest right now =p Also, like your posts on, “Tips on Starting a New Blog.”

    Great job!

  • I am hoping the pros can help with this oberservation I made from the Y Logs.

    According to Technorati, Windexl and Alexa, Y Logs has received many incoming links and ranked real high considering it is only 2 months old. However, Google doesn’t seem to pick any links and still gives Y Logs a 0 pagerank. Why is that?

  • I cant advise for sure on the Google links part because I’m not 100% sure on this but I think they update this only from time to time. I do know for sure however that the PR is only updated from time to time, basically when Google feels like it, and not very often I might add, so its a question of timing. Weblog Empire’s The Gadget Blog has a PR of 6 and yet Donklephant launched about 3-4 weeks later and has more links and higher traffic and yet has a PR of 0 because the update was prior to its launch.

  • Yzabel, great blog!
    The writing is energetic and informative.
    As another working writer I especially liked your posts on Writer’s Block and whether writing is a skill you’re “born with.” The new three column template works, too.

  • [Your comment on Light Within Ref] You need not trade mark the idea of 100 blogs in 100 days. Knowing you as I do (I am one of the earlier readers of the Herald), I know that the exercise will help bring out some precious gems from so far nocturnal nooks and corners of the fast growing blogsphere. I will be keenly follow your finds, so please go ahead, for my sack and for the sack of all those who are interested in “blog evolution.â€?

    And thanks for visiting Light Within and leaving me an informed comment. I will expect you there more.

  • Just on Shirazi’s comment, noticed somebody else was doing a 100days exercise without crediting the idea back here so I joking left a comment that I shouldn’t have trade marked it, but I’ll emphasize it was a joke :-)

  • Duncan, good choice. I’ve been following Y Logs for a while now, and enjoyed Yzabel’s always clear and well-written pieces. You reported a while back that there are an enormous number of French blogs, I forget the figures. But we rarely get to know them because of the language vertical. Yzabel is one of the few who have broken clear of that restriction and joined the wider Tertiary Blogosphere.

  • Yzabel mirrors her blog in a French translation. I’m not sure which comes first, the English or the French, but it seems a wise thing to do. Now, I figure if I can just get my blog translated into Chinese, there might be a bit of a market for it… :D

  • Thanks for featuring my blog, Duncan :) If only a handful of people can find some of my posts useful, then I’m glad.

    Good point about the page rank–I was wondering about this as well recently, but if it’s a normal phenomenon, I guess there’s no need to worry. I also submitted my blog to Google middle-July only: I was waiting to get my domain name fully working (it took me some time to decide to get one, too), and didn’t want to submit it before all of this was ironed out. So this may also explain why it hasn’t been picked up yet.

    Clive, as surprising as it can seem, the English version comes first. I only perform rough “translations”, anyway, given how much time it already takes to write each post twice. It didn’t seem natural to me to shun my own language here, nor to cut myself from the rest of the world by writing in French only. More work for me, but more satisfaction in the end… I hope!

  • I guess that’s why I prefer to write in english – you reach more (international) readers instead of concentrating on your mother tongue. If I’d do that, I’d probably loose more readers than I can afford *L*

    But you’re doing a tough job in offering a french and english-translated version there. If ever, I prefer to write individual articles and not translate them … mmmh.

  • Nice blog! I had seen it before and liked it – the posts are always interesting. I really like the new look, too.

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