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100 blogs in 100 days, day 47: Avalon Star

100 blogs in 100 days, day 47: Avalon Star

Day 47 of 100 blogs in 100 days comes to us from Bryan Veloso with a really nice looking blog.

Blog: Avalonstar
About: Avalonstar is my life, to put it simply. It’s a blog with seemingly no purpose, that likes to talk about different things. It tries to encourage readers to think outside their normal capacity. Not everyday, but every now and then there are a few posts that hit home. My intentions are for people to share their knowledge with others, even if it’s totally the opposite of what I had said. I guess I’m a sucker for good conversations. Most of all it’s trying to evolve from being designed based, to being content based.

So drop on by to Avalonstar and let Bryan know what you think.

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  • I cannot tell you how many times a day I visit Avalonstar. The content is excellent, design is extremely beautiful, and Bryan is a great guy. The topics have always been of interest to me and it is amazing how he manages to keep such quality content coming. Keep up the great work, Bryan and congrats on the mention :)

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