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100 blogs in 100 days, day 5: The Burning Question

100 blogs in 100 days, day 5: The Burning Question

Day 5 of 100 blogs in 100 days, and only 95 days of new blog bliss to go so make sure you don’t miss a thing!. Today’s blog comes to us from Damien Nash
Blog: The Burning Question
About: “Essentially, visitors send in their questions and we (now up to a team of 3) answer them as best we can. We have had some great and diverse questions so far and the site is very well received by those who have found it thus far. To be featured on 100 blogs in 100 days would be great, as it would expand our readerbase and ensure more brilliant and stimulating questions. While there are other Q&A sites out there, not many are blogs which makes this one stand out from the usual blog where everyone talks about similar issues at similar times. ”

So drop on by and check out The Burning Question and leave you comments here. As a rule I’m not going to leave my own thoughts on each blog that gets a run, but I do with this one because although it may not be an original idea (as suggested in the about column) this is still a cool idea, and I hope it works for Damien.

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  • Congratulations Damien!
    What a fun blog! Not at all what I expected and I can’t wait to go back. Plenty of imagination, humor, and insight rolled into one. My favorite category has to be Philosophical. I’m sorry that the answers tend to end up causing you proverbial headaches. :)

  • Very informative. The blog definitely does answer a lot of my random questions that I can never seem to remember after I first thought of them. Great job guys. Subscribed :)

  • Thank you! I am very proud of TBQ and what it has achieved so far, and being featured on this site is great! The site is not even 2 months old and I am overwhelmed with how enthusiastically it has been received by everyone so far. As long as there are questions, the flame will keep burning. :)

  • I liked this site, Dunc.

    I think I shall e-mail them and ask them why you can’t remember to get milk on the way home but you are able to recall, in order everyone of the websites on the Feedster top 500 list and their respective country of origin.

    Also, can you get a bottle of wine on the way home. White please.

  • she who must be obeyed speaks. Damien, your priveleged, I don’t think the Mrs has ever left a comment here at the Blog Herald. She must be excited that the Adsense revenues are up this month so she’s going to get a dishwashing machine to replace the current dishwashing machine who’s getting tired of being the only one to wash dishes: me :-)

  • I like the Burning Question….but I think it will be a guilty pleasure to go back and surf through all the random old questions. I love random sh*t.

    I have a question for him… much traffic do you get in one day when you are the Blog Herald’s “Blog of the Day”??????

  • Hiya all, just in from work and read the comments left between this morning and now so let me go through them….

    Duncan- Yes I do feel privileged, firstly to be featured at all, and secondly if it deserves a (first) comment from your better half (which is more interest than I get from mine… “tell me when it earns us more than 5 cents a day”) then I truly am privileged. Thank you!

    Thom- It’s not as much as I thought, but it is still quite early in the day (lunchtime/early afternoon stateside) yet, plus I am sure there will be residual traffic over the coming days and weeks, so its all fantastic!

    I’ll look back later to see if there are any more comments, but for now I’m off to answer the ones on TBQ.

  • An interesting site, will subscribe to their RSS feed.

    Just one thing that’s bugging me – the animated favicon! Have to say I’ve never seen that before, but find it quite annoying – kind of like the animated titles we used to see back in the nineties.


  • To be completely honest, the favicon was starting to irritate me too, so now that someone else has mentioned it, I have removed it! It only worked in Firefox though and I have never seen an animated one before either and discovered it quite by accident. Basically to do one (probably not recommended lol) simply create your 16 x 16 image and save it as an animated gif, upload it then change the file extension to .ico
    I’m sure everyone really wanted to know that!

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