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100 blogs in 100 days, day 7: Telagon Sichelputzer

100 blogs in 100 days, day 7: Telagon Sichelputzer

Day 7 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to Germany with a blog from Mike Schnoor and Katharina Schnitzer and our first blog not in English.
Blog: Telagon Sichelputzer
About: “In the fast living media, all words are weapons of mass destruction. They become a powerful tool which can be used by everybody. The focus of the authors is centered on ideas concerning culture, politics, media and management. Therefore, the ‘€œTelagon Sichelputzer’€? shows a non-German perspective written by Germans. But instead of having a tight bond to one nation, we prefer to become international managers with our studies at the University of Flensburg. In the end, our goal is just to support the reader with an alternative to their urban reality.”

So drop on by and check out Telagon Sichelputzer and leave your comments here.

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  • It’s okay but immediately the comment policy bothers me. English readers of said blog are going to be a bit put off by some of the syntax, being that English is not these gentile’s original language. So then to read a slightly weird thing about ‘commenting rules’, strikes me as disingenuous.

  • I too was bothered when reading the “comment policy”. Seems to be a little harsh.. and I think there are much gentle ways than using phrases such as “some people are truly stupid..” I felt like being yelled at by a rude police officer…

  • @Swash, im not offended by any Blogger ruling his own blog, no matter, if with or without explicit rules. Its the Bloggers choice. And i see nothing special related to being from Germany or any other country.

  • @primary0
    You weren’t reading the blog at all, right? If you did read it, you’d have noticed: There was no single post in German on the blog for days. Just prior to reading Duncan’s post here, one entry was created in a traditionally german-speaking post ;)

    I may interrupt you there, but the comment policy is not aimed at those who are clever people, but rather at all the evil Trolls that can/may (and do) pesterize everybody. I’ve been asked why certain comments do not appear on the site, and for this reason, I placed up this policy just yesterday. Now if you imagine, it’s one post, it’s one thing. Look beside this.

    I understand you and really agree with you. Wouldn’t I be honestly pissed off if someone deletes my replies to their posts? That’s what does not happen, unless its a post full of useless jabbajabba as you explained above. Only Trolls get ruled by policy, but are you a Troll (perhaps a little bit in your “very interesting” post above)?!?

    Exactly my thoughts!

    One thing I’d like to mention is the following: Living in Germany, writing in English, writing in German, writing in Spanish (but not on the blog)… now here come the questions: Who said we consider ourselves as Gemans? Why do you believe that english is not our primary language? And why do people get offended if something like a comment-policy for “evil blog terrorists” is applied? I love this discussion already! ;)

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