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10,000 People Are Ready to Answer Your Text Message Question

10,000 People Are Ready to Answer Your Text Message Question

Ever wish you had a quick stat at your fingertips – without wearing your thumbs out on a mobile device?

Yesterday I was chatting with a new media buddy of mine. We were talking about all of my freelance projects and he asked me how many visitors BlogHerald gets a month. After pausing, I realized I had absolutely no clue.

Thankfully, Chacha hooked me up with an answer in less than four minutes. Between 50 – 70k a month, with March being particularly strong. Whether or not that info is accurate, I’ll leave for the BH editors to decide. However, my experience with this free cell phone service that will text message you the answer to any question has been nothing but positive.

Chacha employs 10,000 “guides” who earn 20 cents for every question they answer. While the value of your information will be dependent on your guide, this is a simple and fast way to get basic information without Web browsing on your mobile device.

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Give it a whirl. Try it online, call 800/2chacha or text your question to “242242.” Chacha works in the U.S. on most mobile carriers. Regular cell phone rates apply.

Since I do a lot of my blogging “on-the-go,” I’ve found Chacha to be a great research tool.

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  • I love Chacha! I was introduced to them by my husband’s teenage daughter, go figure, but I have a blast asking them silly and serious questions. Sometimes it is even fun to try and ask a question that will stump them. So far, they have only missed the boat on one question I asked.

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