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100,000 bloggers in Germany:

100,000 bloggers in Germany:

There are 100,000 bloggers in Germany, according to figures quoted in a press release from T-Online, Germany’s local SixApart TypePad distributor.

Figures for German bloggers have been sketchy, along with those of other European countries, due to many using popular services such as Google’s Blogger, which does not provide statistics based on the country of origin of its users. If the overall figure is correct, SixApart LiveJournal would hold approx 26% of the German market with 26525 users based in Germany.

(ed note: if anybody has more accurate German figures let me know!)

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  • As far as I know:
    Since the T-Online package includes the blog features for premium service subscriptions, all of those users (whether they use the blog features or not) are counted in the sum if they use the inclusive basic options already. Furthermore, those who do not rely on T-Online so far will hardly pay up to 3-13 Euro per month if they’d be able to get their own serverspace with an open-source software such as WP or as you mentioned other popular services.

    The blogosphere including the popular blog authors definately not use t-online as they’re considered to be one of the most expensive services at present. I have never found a specific and long-run version of a t-online blog ever (nor being shared/quoted in the blogosphere).

    Best regards
    Mike Schnoor

  • I second Mike.

    Additionally there are figures about the german speaking blogosphere (not Germany only) to be found at

    These includes all kind of blogs pinging any service, so this does not include MSN Spaces and Livejournal or AOL.

    The graphs from top to bottom:
    by bloghoster (which gives you an impression about which kind of bloghosters are counted in),

    new blogs per week,

    active blogs last 12 months,

    count of postings,

    average posting per blog in the last 12 months,

    posting per hour

    Active means pinging some server. They even add blogs if they only ping ;)

    While it is restricted automatically by german speaking tld, it is no problem to be added to their database once you contact them. is as you can guess the top 100. To be honest, being used to blogstat, I am kind of disappointed by technorati and co. ;)

    Of course this does not include the figures of live journal and others, so thanks nonetheless for the number of livejournal users.

    (I mailed Mr. Blogstats to add english titles also, so I am kind of sure, he will add something here to ;)


  • thanks everyone for your stats, if you’re just reading this for the first time, keep sending them through, I’m slowly compiling a list for all countries and Germany is an important market

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