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1000Memories Immortalizes Loved Ones, Raises $2.5 Million

1000Memories Immortalizes Loved Ones, Raises $2.5 Million

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Picture this scenario, you find out that a loved one has passed away, perhaps someone who doesn’t live close to you so you weren’t told the moment it happened. You decide that aside from attending their funeral you would like to leave a nice note for their friends and family on their Facebook wall, unfortunately you are met with a “memorial” status on their Facebook wall, a status that was placed on the account when their family contacted Facebook. The abrupt nature of Facebook memorial pages (wall posts are suspended) can often be jarring for anyone looking to reconnect with an old friend or anyone who would like to share their memories of that person’s life, that’s where 1000Memories comes into play.

1000Memories is a social network where deceased individuals receive a special page that allows friends and family members to leave their favorite memories about that person on a page that is monitored to ensure nasty comments and inappropriate posts are not left on the pages of loved ones.

On a loved ones page you can upload bios, leave them messages, share photos from their past, share your favorite stories you experienced with the deceased, upload their favorite songs and even post videos.

For users who want some good to come from the passing of their family member or friend, they can also setup a foundation page which allows friends to donate to the deceased persons favorite cause. The foundation page is a great way to give money to help fight diseases the person may have succumb to such as Cancer.

The site is one hundred percent free to use, however users will soon be able to “upgrade”  and even buy a book of shared photos and memories.

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1000Memories has become such a success that today they announced $2.5 million in series A funding, money that will help the site expand its offerings. To date combined with Y-combinator money the site has raised $3 million.

Have you used 1000Memories? If you have let us know what you think about the system and if you believe the $3 million raised to date is being put to good use.

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