Now Reading Release API, I’m Still Not Convinced Release API, I’m Still Not Convinced is something of a Twitter for video. The site lets you share videos of up to 12 seconds length, which by itself is something of a challenge. Personally, I’m not convinced, I just don’t see why I should use the service.

That hasn’t stopped it from releasing an API, which might be what the service needs. VentureBeat writes about it, and notes that there’s already support for in TweetDeck, one of those Adobe AIR applications that lets you update numerous social web sites, like Twitter. The API, by the way, is available here.

Does have a future? What do you think?

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  • Their API home page reminds me with Digg’s :) I had a look on it looks nice, unlike Youtube where you only can include the video’s thumbnail on your website when reading their API, 12second’ API provides you with direct FLV links where you can use your own FLV player to read, that it is defiantly give web developer more flexibility over the output.

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