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14 Bloggers Complete The Gratitude Challenge

14 Bloggers Complete The Gratitude Challenge

Tiny Prints, a Website that offers consumers modern photo cards and invitations, just wrapped up the “Gratitude Challenge,” a 21-day event that asked people around the world to take note and give thanks.

Watch a video for more info.

“The online movement – appropriately called “The Gratitude Challenge” – inspires people to counter everyday stress and negativity with daily affirmations of gratitude.”

Thirteen popular bloggers, hand-picked by Tiny prints, teamed up with TP staffers to spread joy.

Throughout the 21 days, the participants expressed their gratitude with written word, beautiful photography and personal videos on their blogs. Each expression shared intimate and personal moments of gratitude, ranging from the smell of freshly baked cookies, to their beautiful children and life after a serious car accident.

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The event might be over but the spirit of The Gratitude Challenge lives on. Get inspired here.

As bloggers we are all empowered to spread positivity. What have you done today?

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  • Check out a new Web site,, for posting and searching stories of gratitude for those who have made a difference in the lives of others. Totally unique and much more sophisticated and involved than a blog. Founder designed it in April, 2008, inspired by her desire to thank two former teachers from elementary school but she couldn’t find them so she created a way for everyone to thank anyone around the world. Search system allows even strangers to read the stories of thanks people have written to them. Can also make a donation to a charity in honor of person you’re thanking and connect/reconnect with the authors of the stories. It’s very hot!

  • Wow! This is really wonderful. There has been so many moments I have been thinking of people that helped me; or have received such great customer service from companies that simply make you want to share it with the world.
    Thanks for the info!

    Giselle Thayer

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