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28 day 28 site challenge: interesting experiment

28 day 28 site challenge: interesting experiment

Mike at Retire Young and Wealthy seems on the spur of the moment to have decided to set a ‘build one site a day’ challenge for the month of February. I say spur of the moment as yesterday he wrote:

I have enough domain names now that I could spend everyday of the next month putting up a new website. Perhaps that could be a good goal for Febuary – 28 days, 28 websites.” and today, he’s planning it.

Today he writes:

I have a heap of domains just sitting there, so I thought I would set a challenge to get 28 new sites up and running over the 28 days in February. Of course these won’t be fully complete sites, and some might just be a single page, but the fact is I need to get them all going. So I have decided to create the “28 sites in 28 days” challenge.

Now, this could be a clever piece of linkbait to get people hooked (worked for me). If no further goals are set, it’s not a particularly hard challenge to fulfil, either. Most people with a bit of technical know-how (or even not) could install some WordPress blogs on some unused domains, whack an intro message up, and call it a web site. Technically, it is.

Of course we all know that the main issue in creating a successful web site is the content, and a static one page site isn’t likely to do well, unless it’s incredible in itself, and is incredibly marketed.

Maybe any momentum gained from this announcement will give the 28 sites the exposure they need to get going. Still, an ongoing maintenance of 28 sites – either adding new content or marketing a product web site – is no small task for one individual, particularly as it sounds as if Mike is a pretty busy guy already.

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It will also be an interesting experiment to review the sites in six months time and see if they are making any significant amount of income.

Or any income. Or even still exist. Or have made it out of the Google sandbox.

What do you think?

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  • Err. I dunno.

    28 Sites, one a day? That’s quite a bit of work don’t you think? He could technically create them all, then have them all link to each other, hence getting him out of the ‘sandbox’ quicker, or getting him banned just as quick.

    What I would do with them all is this:

    Run all WordPress installs, then get the Google Author Adsense plugin. You know, the one that let’s you split the % of the views between you and the authors. Atleast with this arrangement, he would have 28 websites generating something while he isn’t physically on them all the time, and he would be generating something in terms of blanketed revenue. Might not be a whole heck of a lot, but hey, it looks like isn’t going to be putting a whole lot of effort into the visual creation of them either.

    Got nothing to lose.

    I just might set something up like this myself…

  • It’s certainly an interesting concept. I remember reading something about a guy who wrote a program a day for month..He came out with a couple of nifty utilities.

  • Setting up a site, especially with WordPress, isn’t hard. What’s hard is filling them with content and maintaining them. Could be interesting to check in a year to see if any are still running and accomplished something.

    I’m more into folks who do things like a months of articles about a specific subject so they are generating worthy content. So this will be definitely interesting to see if he can find content worthy of that many sites. ;-)

  • Thanks for the comments. I try to treat all of my projects with a long term goal, or at least get them to a point which I can then sell them.

    I know I would probably get more benefit from writing quality articles on just a couple of domains, but I have had all these domains sitting around for a while and I really want to do something with them or let them expire next year.

    I just quit my job last year and I have long lists of tasks to get through. One of them was to put some content on all of the domains I have. Then I thought, why not just try to get it done in a month.

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