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2nd Most Popular Facebook App? You Wouldn’t Think So

2nd Most Popular Facebook App? You Wouldn’t Think So

Microsoft Live Messenger LogoFarmville might be the most played game on Facebook with 16 million daily users, but some visitors might be interested to know that the 2nd most popular application isn’t a popular game or gift sending app, it’s Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger Facebook application.

ReadWriteWeb reports that 9 million Live Messenger users are currently logging into Facebook and then chatting to their friends through the application, rather than using Facebook’s own chat application.

The application is a smart move for Microsoft who may be able to etch out a name for themselves by providing the type of chat functions users fail to love on Facebook.  It could be a great way for Microsoft to introduce their own users to Facebook, while possibly rolling out new features that could provide a further social network reach for the company.

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What’s more surprising is that Microsoft only provides the Facebook service to 20% of their users as they slowly roll out the option. If you take five times those user amounts they potentially have 45 million users who would be willing to use the Facebook application, by far trumping Farmville’s efforts.

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