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3 Reasons to Use Disqus

3 Reasons to Use Disqus

The Disqus blog commenting service is catching on – with many popular blogs such as Scripting News signing on to use the service.

VC Fred Wilson talks about three reasons to use Disqus in a recent post:

2a) Email Replies – Disqus emails every comment to the blogger. If the blogger wants to reply to the comment, he/she simply replies to the email and it is posted as a reply (with the indent described above). This feature, which I requested the day I met/saw Disqus for the first time, is the single best thing about Disqus and has transformed my blog comments because I can now participate in them in real time throughout the day as the conversation develops. This is a BIG DEAL.

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  • I’m been using Disqus for my blogs fora while and am very pleased with the results. Using it with WordPress was very simple to do.

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