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451 Press dubs itself as the largest blog network

451 Press dubs itself as the largest blog network

451 Press today dubbed itself as the largest blog network with 329 daily blogs published on a variety of entertainment and “edutainment” related topics. It also boasts of having 10 million visitors per month.

In order to give visitors a better sense of what blogs are being written and what topics they’re touching on, 451 has added a blog aggregator to its home page. Visitors can now see content as its published without having to check individual blogs for new content.

“We’re excited to see the network grow and expand so quickly. Our sites are doing great, and we owe that in large part to the great team of bloggers who’ve made the network what it is,” Steve Shickles, president of 451 Press, said.

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  • The site is also holding a reader contest this month, offering 3 prizes of $300, $200 and $100 to three random comments on any of the blogs within the 451Press family.

  • It’s a shame 451press wants to stress quantity over quality. Most of their bloggers earn less than $1 per month. PER MONTH! The equivalent of slave wages. They would do better to focus on doing more to promote their existing blogs, becoming better organizers, bringing in more advertisers and working on ways to pay their employees more money rather than buy up new domains and start new blogs.

    There’s a reason the turnover rate is so high at 451 Press!

  • Less than a dollar a month? That’s funny. I make over $200 a month with my blog. Many of my fellow writers make good money too. Former 451 Press blogger is probably one of the ones who got fired for not posting regularly and/or poor quality.

  • wow sounds it easy to apply for that blogging site? coz im looking for online jobs right now…

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