5 Highest Paying Content Mills in 2023

5 Highest Paying Content Mills in 2023

If you have never heard of a content mill, let me introduce you. It is a slang term that was coined to represent the platforms that employ hundreds of thousands of freelancers across the country at low rates due to the nature of the jobs. However, there are a few that pay quite nicely for either a side hustle or a full-time job if you dedicate your time and schedule to it! Though the name may come off a bit negative, there are plenty of positives to looking into freelancing under a content mill.

Many of these jobs are one and done, while others may have a mutually great experience and will want to work with each other again and again for projects. We will dive into 5 of the highest-paying content mills for freelancers in this blog.

Who uses Content Mills? 

There are tons of freelancers whose specialty is writing in some form or another, but not all freelancers using content mills are writers. Editors, marketing pros, graphic designers, web designers, and plenty more have a place on content mill platforms as well. Though writers will always have a higher number due to the sheer demand for creative, technical, copywriting, etc., there are endless opportunities in other creative areas.

A content mill uses its platform to be a gold mine for freelancers that are all available for projects and thousands of businesses across the nation. What is so cool about freelancing is that someone in rural Virginia has the ability to freelance for a corporation in Oregon simply due to the power of network connection and content mills. Big-name brands, agencies, eCommerce companies, and publishing houses use freelancing content mills for their needs.

My top 5 Highest-Paying Content Mills 

2 beginner-friendly options, great for all backgrounds and experience levels:

1. Crowd Content – Easy Access Content Mill

Firstly, Crowd Content is supporting all kinds of freelance services such as blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, and more. They are a platform that is easily accessible for freelancers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

2. Scripted 

Scripted prides itself on being able to replicate an entire writing and publishing team if a company needed it. They have over 40 specialties with freelancers to choose from to best accommodate any project a business needs. For freelancers, the pay can provide a competitive “salary” type of range. This is true even though you are choosing your own schedule and doing the jobs you want to do.

The next 3 Content Mills are used primarily for higher profile customers. For these content mills, it would be beneficial to have an established resume with plenty of experience.

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3. Contently – Content Mill with Global Networking

Contently focuses on marketing and uses their global network, expert strategies, and enterprise platform. This enables them to create the most success in what is produced. With the elite customers, writers get paid more for their projects. This makes Contently a great option to increase your side gig or change up your current employment.

4. EByline

EByline is Another higher-end platform. Established freelancers who want to work with big corporations might use this content mill.

5. Clear Voice

Similar to Contently and EByline, Clear Voice is a platform to implement the great work you have done in the past, and get the pay you have been searching for. As per usual, you will be able to set your desired pricing, but the difference with higher profile clients is their willingness to pay those prices. This means that you can cater your price to how much you value your time and effort per word. In addition you can adjust how much you believe someone else should value it.


In conclusion, using one of these highest-paying content mill is a great option for freelancers and businesses alike.  Content mill are infamous for low paying jobs at a high volume. However, these 5 options are great for receiving high and competitive pay while still enjoying the work you do for great companies.

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