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Side Hustle Tips for the Social Media Savvy

Side Hustle Tips for the Social Media Savvy

Social media began as a fun way to make connections and stay in touch across the miles, but these days, your favorite social media outlets can help you create additional cash flow. Whether you’re making extra money now or if you’re just getting started with plans to pad income from your day job, these side hustle tips are sure to help.

Top tips for getting started with a side hustle

1. Don’t be blindsided

You’re the only one with true insight into your passions, priorities, and overall circumstances. While there’s no shortage of great tips and ideas for getting started with a side hustle, it’s vital to decide how much time you have to commit to your efforts. There are many other factors to consider before starting a side hustle.  

If there’s just one tip you remember, make it this one: It’s beyond important to start out on the right foot. Knowing what you’re getting into in terms of taxes and side hustle tax deductions, insurance, and other less-than-exciting but oh-so-necessary factors can save major headaches in the future. 

2. Improve on existing skills

Sure, you can (and should!) hire writers and web developers to help you with your workload once you get to the point where your side hustle is booming, but when you’re just getting started, focus on growing your own skills. Social media training from Hootsuite and other companies can help you get your side hustle off the ground. 

Certification programs are a great way to stay well-informed and updated even after you’ve gotten the social media credentials you want.

3. Start your side hustle the right way 

Whichever side hustle(s) you opt in to, it’s beyond important to create a plan and set yourself up for success from the get-go. Forbes offers a fantastic guide to starting a side hustle with tips that can be applied to everything from creating your own crafting business to picking up gigs on popular freelancing sites like Upwork and There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! 

Side hustle ideas

Maybe you have a side hustle or two in mind. Perhaps you’re just dancing with the idea of setting up as a freelancer or selling fabulous handcrafted jewelry on Etsy. Here are a few top side hustles to consider – and hey – there’s no rule that says you have to pick just one! 

1. Offer your skills as a virtual assistant

Believe it or not, virtual assistants (Vas) are in high demand. As someone who is organized, efficient, and social media savvy, you could make a tidy sum helping companies keep in touch with their audiences and perhaps performing other tasks. Spend just a little time poking around online and you’ll find loads of opportunities to take advantage of this profitable side hustle. Who knows? One (or more) of them could be the ideal match.

2. Manage social media profiles

Love Pinterest? How about Facebook or Instagram? You might be able to translate your appreciation for social media to a fantastic side hustle. Believe it or not, successful bloggers and businesses often need help from experts like you, who know their way around the top social media sites like Pinterest and who can successfully use those platforms to gain followers. Look in blogging Facebook groups and check out freelancing websites for opportunities if managing social media profiles sounds like the perfect side hustle!

3. Start a YouTube channel or sell videos on Vimeo

Vlogging is fun but YouTube tutorials and product reviews can be profitable, as can selling videos on Vimeo. If you’ve got an engaging personality, a great camera, and plenty of useful information to share, this is a fantastic side hustle to consider. Like some other ideas, this one usually takes some time to get off the ground, so it’s not ideal for those who are looking for a way to make extra money right away. 

4. Become an affiliate

You’re already using social media, so why not spend a little of that time making money? Bloggers and other content creators know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online – so much so that many find that their side hustle quickly outpaces their day job! 

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It takes an effort to get started with this side hustle but with the right affiliate marketing tools, it’s possible to automate time-consuming procedures and enjoy greater freedom in your daily life. Your social media presence will keep you engaged with your audience and give others the opportunity to take advantage of the offers you introduce. 

5. Try your hand at e-commerce

Start your own website or buy an online store that’s already stocked and ready to go. Dropshipping makes it simple to operate a business online since there’s no need to warehouse anything or worry about getting products out to customers. Your social media skills will be put to good use in promoting your products. 

6. Already blogging? Kick it up a notch

If you’re already blogging (or thinking about it) consider creating multiple blogs instead of sticking with just one. Like some other social media-related side hustles, this one calls for quite a bit of work on the front end, but once you’ve created content and set yourself up as an affiliate, it can certainly get easier. Try these tips from blogging experts to make this side hustle as profitable as can be.

These are just a few top side hustle ideas, all curated with social media savvy individuals like you in mind. Remember that social media has the power to amplify anything, given the right mindset! Whether you decide to create your own business or freelance and serve clients, your ability to leverage social media will serve you well. Now, get out there and get started! Your perfect side hustle is waiting.

First published in February 2020; updated March 2022

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