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51% of journalists use blogs: survey

51% of journalists use blogs: survey

51% of journalists are using blogs regularly and 28% rely on them for their daily reporting, a survey of 1,202 US journalists from Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University.

Despite being happing to use blogs, only 1% believe blogs are credible.

According to the Editors Weblog, 70% of journalists who used blogs reported doing to for work-related tasks: they use blogs to find story ideas, researching and referencing facts, finding sources and uncovering breaking news.

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  • So over half of them use blogs, but only 1% think they are credible???? So almost all journalists who use blogs do so EVEN THOUGH they do NOT see them as credible? That is a scarey statistic for journalists as a profession. I am not thrilled to hear they use stuff even when they do not find the source reliable. YIKES. Fortunately 100% of all bloggers use blogs, and 99% find blogs credible to boot. And 98% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

  • It shows that journalists don’t regard blogs necessarily as carriers of factual information, but of opinions, interactivity and conversations. More vox pop than dissertation. Isn’t that the truth? Journalists aren’t stupid. They know their business.

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