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87% of Japanese opinion-leaders have heard of blogging: study

87% of Japanese opinion-leaders have heard of blogging: study

PR firm Edelman today announced the results of the 2005 Edelman Japan Stakeholder Study of 140 Japanese opinion-leaders from seven stakeholder groups: senior business executives, institutional investors, government, media, NGOs, up-scale consumers, and employees, that found that 87% have heard of blogging and 52% have blogged themselves or visited a blog.

“Blogging in Japan has a higher profile and higher participation rates than most have assumed,” says Keizo Kumazawa, Deputy Managing Director, Edelman Japan.

“This reflects the modern fact that today’s consumers want to be active participants in two-way conversations with companies, not passive recipients of one-way advertising messages. This should have dramatic implications for marketing in Japan.”

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  • Hi,

    This is a very interesting trend, isn’t it? Being a Japanese and live in Japan, I can grasp how blogging is getting famous. Many of my friends come to do blogging.

    But there is a difference between blogs of Japan and of the rest of the world, such as NA and EU. In Japan blogging is often regarded same as social network or communication. Say, Mixi and Jenka, both is the japanese social networking site, have much popularity than movable type, wordpress and so on. For Japanese, blogging isn’t journalism or where they express their opinions for the society in general. The friends of mine also do blogging on Mixi.

    It’s true that many opinion-leaders of Japan heard of blogging, and some of them have their own blogs. But their aim isn’t often to notice readers their own social opinions. Rather, communication with clients, and it doesn’t have relationship with their commerce.

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