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9 planes, 29 terrorists, 2,700 would-be victims

9 planes, 29 terrorists, 2,700 would-be victims

Over at The Irish Trojan, Brendan Loy has posted the best news summary so far of the terrorist plot that was foiled yesterday in the United Kingdom.

He also has some strong political commentary. But at least he’s shooting from my side of the aisle…

Also, don’t miss the Washington Post’s summary of the plot so far…

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  • On the CNN today they did a special on the technique. Basically there would be 4 people, each with one or two ingredients in a toothpaste tube, gatorade bottle, shampoo bottle – anything small and something it’s not easy to see through.

    They’d all get a signal, head to the back of the plane and meet near a bathroom, they’d hand off all the liquids to the “leader”, he’d mix them together in the bathroom, and then they’d use a trigger – a cell phone – to set it off at the designated time.

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