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9 Ways to Romance Your Readers

9 Ways to Romance Your Readers

What if you looked at your blog’s readers as potential girlfriends or boyfriends? Wouldn’t you do everything you could to score?

Recently, Shawn Graham, author of Courting Your Career and Randy Bitting, co-founder of InterviewStream, offered up 10 ways to romance your dream job. In light of Valentine’s Day, what if we tweak their advice for blog readers?

1. Know your type. Self-awareness is critical to a blog writer because it enables you to determine what you want from your next opportunity. When you know what you’re looking for, you can target readers that fit your wants and needs.

2. Play the field. Reaching out to family, friends, alumni from your college or university and readers, will allow you to gather feedback on your blog. From topic to writing style, the importance of opinions from fresh eyes can’t be overstated.

3. Always get their number. When you hit it off with someone you’d like to ask out, you ask for his or her number. When you hit it off with someone you’re networking with, requesting a business card is just like asking for his or her number. If you read a comment or blog post that you connect with, do not be scared to reach out to the person. Perhaps you can exchange guest blogging opportunities. Just like yoour next job, you have no idea where your next reader may come from.

4. Leverage the Law of Attraction. When it comes to blog writers and readers, attraction can be just as important as it is in the dating world. From a professional-looking blog to an easy-to-navigate ‘Contact Us’ page, if you look the part, you’ll often get the part. Splurge for that domain name and get yourself a clean and slick template.

5. Break the ice. Your ‘About Us’ page should concisely highlight your background and articulate why your blog is a must-read. Whether it’s your expert status or snarky attitude, don’t be shy to sell yourself. Canned copy is no better than using lame pick-up lines. You’ll never score.

6. Give the right signals to heat things up. As a blogger, it’s crucial to be consistent with your tone. No one wants to be with someone who’s imbalanced (unless your name is Britney Spears). Same goes for blog readers. If you want to gain a subscriber or a regular visitor, don’t be erratic and stay on-point.

7. I mean, like, be smooth with your, umm… pick up lines, you know. Using filler words or sounding like you’re overly nervous will make you seem distracted and unprepared. However, when you’re confident about writing, it will help you build trust with your readers.

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8. Don’t bash your ‘Ex.’ Whether it’s another blog you once wrote for or a previous employer, no one wants to know your reasons for playing the field. Keep it positive.

9. Don’t be a run-away bride or groom. Don’t commit too early. Give the blog some thought before you start posting. Then, make sure you know what it is you are committing to in order to avoid backing out or abandoning the blog three months later. You discredit yourself and your readers.

Here’s to a beautiful relationship between bloggers and their readers.

Will this post get me to second base? How do you romance your readers? If all else fails, a bottle of red wine and roses should do the trick.

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