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901am Officially Launches!

901am Officially Launches!

901am is blog focusing on new media news and is chocked full of news and commentary, courtesy of some of the Blog Herald’s most talented alumni: Dave Krug, Muhammad Saleem, and Thord Hedengren.

It seems like they’ll be covering a broad range of topics, from blogging, to Web2.0 companies, to advertising in the new media. Furthermore, it looks like 901am will also aim to be more than just another industry blog — but also an educational hub, offering learning on-line and off with respects to blogging and new media publishing.

More details over here, but the upcoming program on an Introduction to New Media involves the following:

Introduction To New media

A. Introduction to Publishing Tools
1. WordPress
2. MovableType
3. Blogger
4. Expression Engine
5. TextPattern

B. Introduction to Online Marketing
1. Developing a Fan Club
2. Social Media Networking
3. Intro to Online Networking
4. Introduction to Adwords

C. Introduction to Online Branding
1. Selecting a Domain Name
2. Developing a Logo
3. Simple Design Techniques

See Also
Microsoft pubCenter

D. Introduction to Online Monetization
1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Sell Your Products
4. Developing Ad Partners

For all of you aspiring professional bloggers and new media types, it seems like you’d better head on over to 901am, or perhaps subscribe to their feed, for further details — and take advantage of some of the lessons these gents have learned the hard way.

On a personal note, when the BlogHerald changed hands, we (and me) were sorry to see them go, but we wish them all the best in this venture. Getting a news blog up and going isn’t an easy affair these days, but with the kind of rising stars they have in their stable, they’ll have as good a chance as any at the moment.

NB: Kudos to Chris Pearson on 901am’s new theme, which, as some have noticed, is pretty darn kick ass.

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  • I’d like to be the first to say what an amazing job the team there, especially David, has done. The meteoric rise in traffic, alexa, PR et al is one thing- but the daily grind of interesting, clever and fresh news has been a true revelation- and they are to be tremendously applauded. In many ways, they have raised the “daily new media news” bar much higher- and set us and others in this area a very real challenge. Can I please propose a merger right now?

  • Thanks for the kind words. It’s been about focus and hard work. Something I don’t normally like to do seriously.

    Mostly its all about Thord and Muhammad. I just keep hitting publish as often as I can. And empowering them to do the same.

  • Yep — they are both grade A material.

    I’m glad to know both of them, who are rising rising stars ( and in their own right

    Their time here was short, but hella productive … hella productive. :)


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