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9rules: jealous, petty, snarky or lost?

9rules: jealous, petty, snarky or lost?

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

I just finished listening to the recent Blog Herald podcast – an interview with Duncan Riley, fellow Aussie and co-owner of b5media, the blog network that recently recieved $2million in VC funding.

The reception to the news last week was overall positive except from one section of the b’sphere: 9Rules.

Mike Rundle posted and commented seeing fit to take cheap shots at b5 – reasons unknown.

Well yesterday, b5 had their chance to respond via the Duncan Riley interview here.

Firstly, Duncan – it’s 9Rules not 9Fools. :-)

I could sense that Duncan wanted to really rip into them and he tried his best to hold himself back – but at times the real Duncan came out and some goodies came gushing forth.

Let me see… what exactly is 9Rules? The big question being: What is their business plan? Do they even have one! Seriously!

What’s more intriguing is that all is not rosey over at 9R land or so it seems. Duncan says that some within 9Rules have told him they are “deeply, deeply embarrassed by the actions of Scrivens and Rundle of late”.

My choice pull out quote from the interview – Duncan says of Rundle and gang…

“…if that’s the sort of quality of individual that they are are, which obviously isn’t very high, they’ll run their business into the ground over time”

Yay, Duncan rips off his newly fitted corporate suit and gets down and dirty … in a classy way, like we all knew he wanted to. :)

Duncan – no matter how big you and b5 get remember where you’re from and what made you, well … you: The guy who speaks his mind without fear or favour, without holding back, without being politically/business corrrect.

Okay, so 9Rules have long been the super-dooper, uber cool blog network with the classy designs but the question is … what next? Okay, the dancing videos were fun for a few minutes, the venture into porn raised eyebrows and there was talk of some advertising model being rolled out – yes folks, an actual business model.

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But it’s closer to 2007 than 2005 and 9Rules seems stagnant. All they seem to do is add a few hundred blogs every so often – with big fanfare. That’s all nice and well but when does community building turn into one giant link farm?

Paul Scrivens has rarely been heard from this year (maybe within the echo chambers of 9rules he’s going strong) and Mike Rundle is getting more and more into petty snark (word to the wise: snark died late last year).

His recent sniping at b5 just makes no sense. All it raises are questions of what exactly is going on at 9rules? Yes, no doubt we’ll be shot down by some smart and witty comment, they’ll laugh at this, have their little in-jokes and snicker at those that dare to question 9Rules. Yeah, big deal – we’re all big people here. Talk is cheap. Cheap shots are a dime a dozen in the b’sphere. Now answer the questions.

And my question to Rundle and Scrivens is this: What is your business plan? What is your business model? Do you even have one? It’s a question that’s been asked from day one – heck, I think I even asked that last year – and last year is a long time in the b’sphere.

You don’t have to answer but by being the shameless attention seekers of late that you have become I think it’s a fair question to ask, no!

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  • Alas, the question still remains I guess, why spend so much time attacking others (and not just b5 I’d note) instead of looking after your own backyard. One thing I should have added on the podcast, but it would have been lost on non-Australian listners, is the inclusion of the classic Kath and Kim line “look at moi, look at moi” in describing some of their recent actions :-)

  • I’ll help you out there, Duncan – now everybody, do your most extreme (ie: worst) Aussie accent and repeat after me “Look at me , Look at me”… :)

    I guess the question shall remain open – but I have my theories.

  • Actually, do they need a business plan or can they still do it for fun?
    Honestly? What do they need to have?

    Server costs? Probably pretty covered by their partnership with (mt) and the sponsors/ads they have.
    Design costs? No need for, they have a great designer (Rundle) and many others would design for free as well for them.
    Programming and administering it? They just are cool kids.

    Some (many) people would love to run something like 9rules just to do it and be able to be snarky, wether last is modern or not. If not, the podcast was pretty old-fashioned. ;-)

    Note I don’t take any site. Other note, hasn’t Rundle allowed himself never to shuttup, even before 9Rules. And wasn’t Scrivens always a fun game online?
    Otherwise I do think that Wisdump valuable content is, so is Business Logs.

    But the game gotta continue or? Of course no one would even remotly dare to considere taking a Valleywag entry serious or?
    $2mio. Except more people working at b5media and eventually a better infrastructure, will it become (financially) more interesting for the bloggers to be part of b5media? Or will the money be spend to buy even more blogs. In which case I’ll start tomorrow today the London 2012 blog ;-)

  • Jamsi – Duncan just stood up for b5 and the b5 team – and good on him.

    Matt – that’s why I post such things at 2.50am your time. ;-)

    Franky – all good stuff you point out there. Of course they can do as they please and run it as a not-for-profit, but as Duncan said in the first comment, why spend so much time attacking others.

    But I wonder how long till they figure out that we’re talking about them – I left no link to 9R.

    But I’ve still got the popcorn warmed and my seat pulled up. :)

  • It’s 7am on the East Coast now, I’d think we’ve still got a couple of hours left, after all, I presume all that hate from them probably means they’d require a decent sleep in :-)

  • Franky,
    to answer your question at the end there, yes, we’ll be looking after our bloggers first and foremost, and secondly, unless we get a really attractive offer we don’t by blogs, we create them, $7.98 per registration of the domain name :-)

  • Christina – you’ve obviously just visited my blog and checked out my latest “crue” entry. ;-)

    This entry was written with “Bastard” and “Knock ’em Dead Kid” blasting through my earphones. For those not in the know, these are Motley Crue classics.

  • BTW, what are the Adsense ads saying about this post, I’m seeing
    God Wants You Well and God -total Union with God…perhaps that you speak of the path to higher wisdom Martin :-)

  • Gee, that’s very contextual of AdSense – what’s God got to do with me virtually bitch slapping the 9Rules punks. LOL ;-)

    But then again, God works in mysterious way, eh! ;)

  • “The Breakfast Club” – explain yourself, Liz … and now I’ve got that tune in my head all day “Hey, Hey, hey, Don’t you forget about me …” and so on. :)

  • And the nimrods over at 9r’s (not the bloggers, because there’s some damn good blogs there – it’s the tools running the circus) haven’t yet woken up to the fact that I’m slapping them around a bit. :)

    My guess is they’ll stay hidden under their rocks or do a classic circle jerk.

    From the Urban Dictionary: Urban Jerk –

    A useless discussion or meeting involving mental masturbation whereby the egotistical, boring participants try to demonstrate they’re the smartest persons in the room.

  • Damn, even Liz showed up. Now she knows how to attact 200+ comments on a single entry with her open mic nights, perhaps ask her for help there Matt? :)

  • {{Pushes a drunk out of his ring-side seat and uses him as an ottoman, while surreptitiously stealing some popcorn from Matt. Liz spots my poplifting but smiles her secret smile.}}

  • Hmmm… popcorn, breakfast. I guess happy hour should start soon. At least for us eilers in the UK.
    And maybe for sleep-ins in the US. :D

  • Marti – hey that drunk was me. :) And Matt’s shouting the popcorn – it’s his house.

    But there might not be anything happening “ring-side” – these guys are gutless wonders, all talk and when they do get called out they usually run and hide and make their witty comebacks behind their mommy (how’s that for baiting) :)

    C’mon, guys – as G n’ R sang: “Get in the Ring”…

  • Don’t you hate your keyboard if the X gets stuck? No more flames about all your past loves and suddenly you’re even no eXiler anymore.

    Martin Urban Jerk sound much like Ass (Free dictionnary)
    A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person.

  • You know. I have a business and a business plan….why is it my responsibility to share it with anyone who is not directly involved in my business. This whole thing sounds a little amateur to me.

  • As long as we are all waiting for the show to get started, am I the only one who has trouble believing that Anthony Michael Hall from the Breakfast Club is the same kid from National Lampoon’s Vacation (2 year spread) and the star of “The Dead Zone” now (way too long a spread)?

  • Stephen – I’m only asking because it seems that those at 9Rules seem to have this unhealthy obsesssion with everything about b5media – so when they publicly attack b5 for just doing business (and not for the first time), it seems fair to ask some questions of them.

    They seem to mock b5 at every opportunity they get, yet get very defensive when questions are asked of them.

  • Actually, I think you just wanted to grab a few links by stirring the pot…nothing too suprising .

  • 9rules have 212 network size but page indexed only 1,618.
    b5media have 153 network size with 70,545 page indexed

    I think 9rules very well aware of that. I think their business model if they really got one is JUNKLOG. opps! did i say that.

    Jealose? of what? there is nothing to compare. or example, if i get Jealouse of S.Irwin it will be stupidity. Jealose is fare when its almost same lvl. Building a network with posting 3 line posts :P. If i had that kind of fund even i could have make better, in fact even my kid can do better. Moronic jealousy! nothing more nothing less.

  • Stephen – you’ll of course notice that I haven’t linked to anything from 9rules, Mike Rundle or the Valleyswag piece. I probably would have triple the comments if I had done so – hence your argument is invalid.

  • Kamrul, 9rules can’t be compared to most other networks, as they don’t own the content/blogs.

    Actually you have to think of 9rules as a (link) directory. Nuttin’ more, nuttin’ less. ;)

  • Chris – looks like your comments got caught in moderation – Anthony Michael Hall: he was the geek kid in the film, no? Anyhow, munch down on some popcorn – I suspect we’ve had some 9rulers in here already.

    Franky – are you saying that 9Rules is a glorified link directory farm? :) Oh sorry, that’s what I’m saying. ;)

  • LOL…the argument is not invalid just because you don’t link to someone else unless you assume that no one from any of these sites reads The Blog Herald, which might be the case.

    You still have not given any reason why the people from 9rules should feel compelled to share their business plan with anyone. Furthermore, you don’t even present a reason why they have to have a business plan in order to criticize other businesses in the marketplace.

    The blogosphere is made up of amateur observers in every market, so why do the people at 9rules have to legitimize their criticism of b5media by presenting a better, more thoughtfully executed business plan?

    If we assume that the people at 9rules never present a business plan and never do anything more with their network then they have done so far do they have to stop making observations and comments about other companies? If we assume that the people at 9rules were to present a thoughtfully developed business plan, would that give them the authority to criticize another company?

    No matter what the answer…this article and the related pot-stirring still is amateur because it doesn’t really add any value to the discussion, but perhaps that is the editorial mission of The Blog Herald…to write without adding value to the discussion.

  • Darren this is life :P

    Franky so 9rules isn’t a network? then why its named 9rules network?
    And if they don’t own content fine, but how about some controle, for example the recent Google spreadsheet content (2.5 lines only).

  • I’m with Stephen…. the guys at 9rules have been blogging for many years now (longer than all of you?) and they’ve been saying their peace since the beginning. I don’t see why they need to “stop” just because their sharp commentary hits close to home with some of the smaller and less well-known networks out there.

  • Franky, if you’re going to refer to it as a “link directory”, then you have to admit that it’s one big damn SEXY link directory. With sexy being the keyword.

    I said the word sexy way too many times in the post.

    Sexy. Quick everyone join in.

    (My secret plan to change the adsense ads on this page .. don’t tell Matt!)

  • Stephen – “no matter what the answer…” – then why bother repsonding to you, if you’ve already set your mind. And when I said witty and smarty remarks your last paragraph: Bang!

    Jamsi – we all know that sex sells and a sexy site sells sex even more and isn’t it all about sex in this sexy world. :)

  • Dan
    Longer dosent mean better. Older dosen’t mean sharper.
    If that would be than i guess company like Google woulden’t screw microsoft.

    And are you saying b5media less known?

  • Dan – “the guys at 9rules have been blogging for many years now (longer than all of you?)” Okay. So What!

    And in fact, it makes one of my theories more valid – jealousy! They’ve been blogging longer, yet these upstart b5 guys come along and reap the rewards.

  • Dan “ask fast company”?
    so 9rules have some corporate mambo jambo so what.
    The matter is where general reader goes.

    Blogging longer, yes sure still who care how long someone blog, if blog is just J-U-N-K.

    sex snark “Longer dosent mean better.â€?—that one i know :d

  • Actually when blog networks have fights amongst each other, all it does it stops me from wanting to visit your blog. Talking about 9rules is not interesting to me (I want real content) and all it does is eventually alienates your audience.

    Please, please no more posts about 9rules. The whole thing between you two is completely lame and boring and frankly nobody cares outside of the people that actually work there.

    If I was you guys, I would be much more worried about the lack/quality of good blog postings on the BlogHerald recently compared to days past. It seems your readers get stuck with junk 9rules postings like this one. Get with it Blog Herald! You are way better than this.

  • Martin, that was a well thought out response. Thanks. Now I have a much better understanding of exactly why 9rules has to publish their business plan before commenting on another business.

  • Guys, I do love the directory 9rules has built up, many of my daily reads are 9rulers. SO certainly not arguing the hotness of many member blogs.
    Acually I even like Mike and Paul’s snark/arrogance/call it how you want.

    I like how Mike and Matt (Craven) often play here in the comments. I like the snark from many people and certainly don’t always shuttup either. Losing exclusivity? after Round 4 @ 9rules? Yes that was me ;)
    Server structure comment after BlogHerald getting dug… me again, but I can and do appreciate what both platforms bring me, the reader.

    Martin, didn’t Scrivs write not that long ago that 9rules is built upon sending the visitor to the sites (and then follow the 9rules leaf)? Would that make a link pyramid out of 9rules :))

    Kamrul, no they aren’t and they always have been emphatizing that they are no network, but rather a directory. They surely have [exclusivity] rules for joining members aso, but for me a network doesn’t direct traffic to external sites, but will rather try to grow and offer the content (blogs) his targetted readership is looking for.
    9rules will probably, also in communities, with (almost) every submission round.

    Jamsi, I agree… personally I would get rid of it know. Once you think something is really sexy you ask for problems :-P

  • Stephen – no problems, mate. I always love conversing with those who have already made up their minds.

    Now why is it that 9rules can comment all they want (nothing wrong with that, it’s still a free world) – well it’s not really commenting – it’s more sniping and attacking than anything else but we get shot down for asking a simple question of them.

    No one said they “have” to publish their business plans – but if they keep coming out and having a go at everyone else people naturally want to know what they’re up to.

    It’ll be good to know, because then we may get a sense of why they have been so rough on b5. What if their business plans is similar in nature to b5’s? That would explain a lot. But we don’t know, because they’ve never hinted at what they’re up to.

    Now you see where I’m coming from – knowing what they have in store (if anything at all) would go a long way to understanding all of this.

    And what if at the end of the day, it all comes down to simply jealousy – nothing wrong with that. It’ll be just good to know rather than keep on speculating.

  • Franky yes its a direcotory that pass the traffic, butif you didnt yet noticed look at their mai page it’s says big “9rules network”:P

    Iam not saying that there aren’t good blogger their. I was pointing what was the issue commenting about b5media. If you say its a directory they shoulden’t care about a network:D Yes 9rules will grow, but thats not the point.

    Blog is freedom of speech(typing), so anyone can say anything. But the ring bell aloude when every blogger is happy to see the a business model of blog finally getting success, just one single place sadness/unhappiness, why is that. Shoulden’t they consider it their success too? since they started long ago, they should have been happy that their entreprenuer are doing great.

  • Martin. I have not made up my mind (really, I haven’t). I actually think that the expectations placed on 9rules are unrealistic and that people can’t accept the idea that 9rules is more about a community then a business. Perhaps it’s just a great front for Rundle’s design skills and Scrivs mouth.

    Taking a run at b5media is a pretty obvious play actually, but it does not seem like b5 and 9r are even close to being in the same market. b5 owns the blogs and content while 9 rules simple aggregates it.

    My point was really that 9r should not be obligated to tip their hand. Almost every business person I know considers their business plan a confidential document, so why should 9r be expected to behave differently. As immature as I often think scrivs is (when was the last time he wrote something worth reading?), I do think that he is smart to keep his plan under wraps.

    Do you expect blog related businesses to operate under different rules then “real world” businesses?

  • Christina told me there was a party here so I came to have a look. ;)

    BTW, I doubt any mommy would be letting those 9rules kids hide behind her after Mikey’s recent comments.

    So can someone direct me to the bar?

  • I’d like to point out that it’s not as if b5 has laid their business plan out on the table for everyone to scrutinize. 9rules has been basing their “criticism” on nothing at all. Just speculation.

    We might all be curious as to what 9rules is up to, if they don’t want to say anything, fine. But what’s the deal with stomping on people who are enjoying their blogs and creating content that clearly others enjoy reading?

  • I don’t speak for the company. In fact, the company probably just wishes I would keep my mouth shut. That’s okay. I’ll be diplomatic.

    9rules and b5media are entirely different companies for all the reasons pointed out here. I wish 9rules would tell us how they’re profitable but there certainly is no requirement to do it. I just figure they’ve figured out how to make money on good looks (of the web page that is).

    There are a lot of organizations how there that develop a sense of community and that’s cool. SitePoint was one of them, as I was part of their community for years. People come because they like the feeling. SitePoint did realize at some point that if they wanted to stay in business, if they wanted to pay the talent like Kevin Yank and others, they were going to have to figure out a way to make enough money. Enter SitePoint as a publishing company.

    9rules community is fabulous, from what I hear. Of course, so is b5’s. That’s not the point. Great. Rundle claims all his bling is paid for by b5, Lemme ask him a question as someone who has worked the beat without a salary. Is your money from 9rules or because of 9rules. I think he’s a hell of a good designer and 9rules brings him tons of exposure and places him in demand. He can credit 9rules for that but is it 9rules or clients who found him because of the exposure he gets with 9rules. I can say I make lots of money from b5media, and to a small degree that would be correct. Full truth is that I make money because of the profile I’ve built because of b5media.

    So… it’s all rather moot though. We’re two different companies. We apparently don’t like each other. I know I don’t like 9rules. They apparently don’t like b5media. Whatever. Who cares. We’re in two rather different industries.

    No big deal.

  • Martin .. Mike reported his business plan on #95, but Tyme quickly whipped Mike into submission and they moved on with whatever you would describe that they are doing in their podcast.

    Personally .. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what the business plan of 9rules is, or should even matter if it exists or not. My own business plan was one written on a napkin at Tim Hortons over coffee and soup a few years back and it’s still pegged on my pegboard behind me, despite that it’s a dynamic changing and always evolving thing with me. I mean – I still buy lottery tickets as part of my business plan but, not as much anymore :p

    “Live and let live” or “Blog and Let Blog” or whatever.

    I still have their RSS feeds in my Bloglines and continue to read them. True, I get frustrated when they strip my URL of my homepage when I comment or turn off the comments when the majority of the comments are negative or play ignorant and delete the comments and play like its lost in moderation .. but that’s their business and their blogs .. and I still keep their RSS feeds in my Bloglines and read them occasionally.

    /snark on

    Sure’s a little shameful that they drink a lot either online or in bars and then come back online and post those hateful, vengeful, jealous or outright stupid posts or comments .. but who can truly say they have never impulsed blogged and just typed what they thought without thinking of the consequences .. Look at this post!

    /snark off

    Now .. is there any more popcorn left?

  • The big problem I see in all this (and yes, it is just my very humble opinion,) is that 9r continues to take absolutely sophomoric pot-shots at b5, and b5, instead of just ignoring them, responds by pulling out this whole lame “business plan” thing.

    Look––by all means call out 9r for their pathetic attempts at stirring the pot, but don’t lower yourself to making an argument that doesn’t even make sense… lots of us blog for the sake of blogging, and people the world over are free to start “networks” that have nothing to do with money (the word isn’t exclusive to “media networks” ya’ know.)

    9r will continue to make themselves look stupid (not the bread & butter bloggers, of course, but the top boys,) and there’s no reason b5 has to lower itself to their level––attack them for being jack***es if you want, but not for “failing” to be a business!

  • I don’t get it. 9rules questions b5 all the time (remember the pageviews debate?) and b5 answers. But now that 9rules is the one being questioned they don’t answer? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

    b5 was able to back up their pageviews claim because they really did have that many pageviews. They had nothing to lose by proving their claim. But can 9rules back up their claim to have a business plan? I think that’s what Martin is asking here and it’s what we’re all curious to find out (why else would we be sitting here with our popcorn). If 9rules has a business plan then what do they have to lose by sharing it? Seems like a fair question to me. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

    No more popcorn for me. Thanks for the entertainment but I got to go.

  • 9r just felt down, Since they coulden’t get the bite of VC cash.:P
    thats all. And about business plan, i think someone says they are in different catagory (i wonder what catagory is that). Their business plan can’t be asked since it is supposed to be corporate secret.:P

    Well b5 don’t have to proove anything, the investment the page views, the traffic rankings all showing a clear picture, 9r just wants to make it blur.

  • If I was you guys, I would be much more worried about the lack/quality of good blog postings on the BlogHerald recently compared to days past. It seems your readers get stuck with junk 9rules postings like this one. Get with it Blog Herald! You are way better than this.

    I’m quite happy with the quality and quantity of posts at The Blog Herald over the last two months – and our traffic and other feedback reflects this.

    If you don’t like Martin’s columns, I might suggest a stronger stomach :)


  • Cary,
    I’d note that b5 responding with a whole “business plan” thing is incorrect. Martin doesn’t work for b5, The Blog Herald isn’t a b5 property. I did mention it in passing on the podcast in reference to some of their recent attacks, but in the context of why in the world do they (9rules) feel it necessary to attack all and sundry (it’s not exclusively b5 either as a point of reference) when there is some question as to why they are spending more time attacking others than looking after their own backyard, which I believe is a valid question. We don’t as a policy attack others (9rules included) in what we do daily, indeed I’d say we’ve got a great relationship with 98% of other people and companies working in this field. I was asked a question in the podcast, and I did try and respond to it, but please be clear b5 isn’t making a huge issue out of this (indeed b5 has no comment :-) ), it was simply me responding to a question asked, and the business model point came up in context with the answer. All in all at the end of the day I couldn’t personally care less either what their business plan is, if they indeed even have one. I’m focused on building my own company and working with some brilliant people, it’s a lesson 9rules should learn :-)

  • Thanks for the clarification Duncan. Hopefully I made it clear that I honestly believe you guys (and ladies) have a very legitimate gripe about these continual and fairly inane attacks.

    If you doubt my sincerity, you should see what I left on Rundle’s blog ; )

    That is, if he didn’t delete it…

  • I’m so immune to 9rules flak. I got a lot some months back and I just have no time to listen to some kids telling me what life is all about when I’ve had more porridge than they’ve had rice. That’s an age old Chinese saying and still persists in this age and time…I’m going to take some much needed rest now and carry on with my life.

  • Duncan – Ladies and gentlemen, the very diplomatic Duncan Riley :-)

    And yes, I am totally unconflicted here. I don’t have anything to do with b5media and nothing to do with 9rules. The Blog Herald also is not aligned with either one. Therefore this is an independent piece.

    I’m writing a personal opinion column – remember that, a COLUMN.

    LonelyBlogger – one persons junk is another one’s treasure and the other way around. You should know that. :)

    Hsien, you’re spot on – “We might all be curious as to what 9rules is up to, if they don’t want to say anything, fine. But what’s the deal with stomping on people who are enjoying their blogs and creating content that clearly others enjoy reading?”

    MATTBOB – exactly!

    Okay, business plans/model … whatever. The fact is that 9rules have long attacked b5 and others (but mainly b5) for reasons unknown. Why? And remember Work at Home Mums (WAHM) – Rundle thinks very little of you. I just don’t get we’re they’re coming from or what their agenda is. It’s either bitterness, jealousy or … I Just Don’t Know.

    Forget business plans. What about a business model? No one is asking for their deep dark secrets – their 200 page business plan or some scribbled rubbish on a napkin at 2am in a nightclub. But there’s got to be more behind these attacks.

    With blog networks (or communities) we’re not talking about 1001 potential business models. There aren’t that many models. Are we talking advertising, sponsorships, product/retail, design firm… It’ll just put it all into perspective knowing where they’re coming from as they go around rubbishing everybody.

    A commenter said… “Perhaps it’s just a great front for Rundle’s design skills and Scrivs mouth.”

    If that’s so, then so be it but why not just say so – it’s not a bad business model.

    Matt – double scotch for me thanks – straight up, no rocks :-)

  • “The fact is that 9rules have long attacked b5 and others (but mainly b5) for reasons unknown”

    The fact is you’ve long attacked 9rules for reasons unknown too. Like I said, I think this is a fair question but it doesn’t mean 9rules has to answer. How long was it before Google started AdSense? I don’t know my Google history all that well but I’m guessing It took awhile for them to make some real money, now they’re everywhere. I’m not saying 9rules is starting an AdSense it’s just an example.

    85 comments so far without any of the 9rules folks saying a word. Wow! They must be doing something right. Sorry to spoil your rally but I just don’t see the point anymore.

    My suggestion: Sit back and enjoy the show. If 9rules is making you curious, just remember, curiousity killed the cat.

  • MattBob – I don’t get it. Your initial comment was one thing and then this one another. ???

    I don’t recall myself attacking 9rules for too long – or are you just generalizing? And if I have I can guarantee it’s for a reason. But enlighten me on the times I’ve attacked them and I’ll give you a reason.

    Nothing wrong with being curious, mate – you even said you were curious yourself in your previous comment.

  • The Blog Herald also is not aligned with either one. Therefore this is an independent piece.

    Not to mention that I do not pre-approve or edit Martin’s piece – much to the chagrin of his targets ;-)


  • All I said in my first comment was that it seemed hypocritical of them (which I still think) and that it was a fair question (which I still think). I never said they had to tell us their business plan all I said was “I guess we’ll just have to wait.” which is what my suggestions was in my second comment.

    How was my first comment one thing and my second another? My first comment wasn’t to attack 9rules and jump on your bandwagon and my second wasn’t to jump on the 9rules bandwagon. In both I was just proving a point.

  • 200 comments eh? Here is number 93.

    *drinking ice tea and puffing on a smokable*

    As an artist one rule I was taught is; to break the rules once you master them. If one draws inside the lines too long and doesn’t go outside, one will find they have no more room to draw inside : ( Come out and play already!

    I have no idea why i am here at 3:43AM in the morning. I like the number 93 though ;)

  • Guys .. I ran outta popcorn. Looks like 9rules snuck out the backdoor, quick Matt, tempt them back with free blog herald t-shirts.

  • Hey Krugster – you’re back! We’re you been – hijinking it in Tijuana. ;)

    Jamsi – I never really expected them to respond … typical bullies: face up to them and they’re usually end up being cowards… Oh I shoudn’t have said that, I’ll have the quality police on my back here again saying what a disgrace The Blog Herald has become … blah, blah.

    Screw em: the head honchos of 9Rules are a bunch of silly arse pussies – if you listen to their podcast you quickly realise they’re just a bunch of giggling kids laughing at their naughty jokes.

    I’m moving on and will stop kicking this dead horse any longer.

    Back to normal transmission, Matt :)

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