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9rules Round 7 Winners

9rules Round 7 Winners

75 sites was accepted into 9rules Round 7, a surprisingly low number perhaps. I’m a bit curious why that is, and although the blog post tells me that a lot of sites were too young, or had focus issues, or whatever, I’m still curious to know how many that actually applied. How about it, 9rulers, what’s the acceptance ratio? Full list in the blog post.

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  • That has been the consistent number of entrants back when they started, so they are probably going back to a time when getting into 9Rules was special. When they opened it up to anyone and everyone, it lost its special value of being a part of something unique and honorable. When I was chosen, I was one of 75 out of over 900. That’s a pretty exclusive ratio.

    There have been a lot of changes recently with 9Rules and I think that anything that increases their value and reputation as an honor makes the acceptance into such a network special. When they opened it up to hundreds and hundreds, I felt lost in the crowd and not like I was part of something that meant much. It was just another badge to clutter up a site with their self promotion. Choosing 200 out of 500 isn’t like being a part of an exclusive club.

    Personally, I look forward to being a part of a network that holds their members up to a higher bar, not a “how many can we fit into this phone booth” mentality.

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