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A belated thanks..

A belated thanks..

My sleep cycle is still recovering from the vacation I took last week to Europe, but I did want to take a moment to recognize all of the bloggers, columnists, and visitors here at The Blog Herald. Last month was the best yet in Blog Herald’s history, with a 21% traffic increase over the previous month – and a nice overall traffic increase since we acquired the site from Duncan in February of this year.

We’re already running a bit shy under a 12% increase from last month to this month – so that’s also very exciting.

I’d also like to recognize and thank BetUS for their sponsorship of The Blog Herald for the entire quarter and start to football season.

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Thanks again to each of you who make this blog and community what it is – I’m looking forward to a fun month!

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  • Congrats Matt!
    You have done a great job with Blog Herald, especially the guest writers.
    Wish you more success in coming years.

  • Well done, Matt and cool that the Blog Herald is thriving.

    And yup, some of the writers and columnists here are awesome. ;-)

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