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A BIG Reason to Read a Pet’s Blog

A BIG Reason to Read a Pet’s Blog

I’ve often taken a snarky approach when it comes to people who set up blogs for their pets. I barely want to read about humans’ mundane lives, let alone issues with litter and pooper scoopers. However, there might be a new reason to subscribe to Lucky, Fido or Buddy’s blog.

Animals’ ability to prognosticate goes far beyond the annual Groundhog Day ritual. Since the beginning of time, many have believed that little furry creatures (and fish!) can tip off humans to imminent natural disasters.

…an earthquake specialist from the US Geological Survey in San Francisco kept a record of the numbers of small ads for lost pets in the local newspaper. He found there was a dramatic upsurge in missing pets weeks before a quake. How animals could forecast earthquakes is not known.

Animals also seem to forecast severe weather. There were many reports of bizarre animal behaviour before the cyclone that devastated Bangladesh (then called East Pakistan), in November 1970. For example, dogs howled endlessly for days, cattle became restless and stopped eating and ants moved to higher positions.

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Given the recent disasters in Myanmar (Burma) and China, it might be time to start monitoring the moods of our four-legged companions.

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  • Let’s not forget about the dogs that have the ability to sniff out cancer in people. I’ve seen a few stories about dogs that are able to detect tumors and cancers that the doctors with all their equipment can’t find.

  • I think it is a true story. I live in Malaysia and i had heard a rumors about fisherman manage to caught a lot of fish compare to normal they got before the tsunami happened in Acheh, Indonesia.

  • Hmm you guys all sound like you need a vacation. I’m not sure how scientific your animal theories are, but they are interesting. Dogs, I know, have a stronger sense of smell, but the ability to detect earthquakes? I have a buddy who says during a storm his dog rips up the carpet, and stick it in a pile. Who knows maybe he’s trying to warn them to take shelter :). Interesting read.

  • I agree that animals can actually detect if there is a bad weather coming. My aunt has experienced it with her pet cat and dog before a huge storm came at their place. But I think, one of the most important reasons why people must read pet blogs is for them to know important facts about these “other’ family members. Reading pet blogs is actually more beneficial for pet owners so that they can be informed on the different ways they can properly take care of their pets.

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