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A Global Movement From Blogs To Books

A Global Movement From Blogs To Books

I’m stepping in briefly on an interim basis to fill Tony’s shoes. One of the stories that has touched my heart of late is the crisis that bloggers face overseas a freedom we take for granted here in the United States. Freedom of Press. However as one Egyptian blogger notes in a recent post there is a movement going on.

In the first decade of the third millennium a new kind of artistic movement has emerged – a movement that wasn’t known before – and it’s now known as blogging. The writings in this movement took different shapes on the various blogging sites available on the web.

The movement has evolved quickly with the help of the first generation of bloggers, till the year 2008 when big publishing houses started to transform blogs into books.

Source: Dina Al Hawry

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It brightens my day to know that folks overseas are bold enough to record events online and share them with the world and some publishers are brave enough to publish them. This week we saw tragedy strike as a fellow blogger/citizen journalist was slain in China. I see an ever pressing need to spread tools of social engagement and communication even more so than even last year or in years prior.

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  • That’s so true, David. Freedom of speech is sometimes something that we who have it take for granted. For some people blogging is an act of courage.

    Good to see you here :-) I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job as the interim editor.

  • Cheers as well, David! Excellent points on this topic too. BBC News and others have done some really impressive reporting on the subject of blogger repression worldwide. Some of these individuals are taking tremendous risks. Glad you saw fit to note this matter.

  • Oh dear, next time please read the news carefully before you comment on anything.
    The guy killed was not a journalist, or a blogger. He was a boss of a big local state-owned company. Sorry to remind you this fact, but what’s going on in China is much more complicated than the convenient stereotype many foreign journalists portrayed. You need the honesty of a writer to acknowledge the complication of human nature, even if that of an elite of today’s China.

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