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A Journey Through Social Networks

A Journey Through Social Networks

If somewhat trippy, stream-of-conscious type narratives interest you, an article right out of the LA Times might be right up your alley.  Authored by one of the researchers in the editorial pages, it details one woman’s journey from friendster to facebook to myspace, equating each one with a different stage in her life.  Even if these kind of narratives are NOT your thing, its still worth reading from a bit of a historical perspective if you were either too old not not hip enough to them in the first place (take me, for one). 

The author’s journey ends with MySpace, with her description of it being the sort-of be all and end-all of all social networks, hence, her inability to stay away from this one; it’s fascinating, but I wonder where individuals like her will turn to with her next series of life events.  Marriage?  Kids?  Will she move onto another social network that is yet undiscovered and yet unnamed? Something for her dog?  (Wait — we already have Dogster).

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