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A List Apart Web Design Survey 2008

A List Apart Web Design Survey 2008

This is slightly off topic perhaps, but still important, I think, being a designer and all. Design community sweethearts A List Apart is conducting a survey aimed at people making websites this year, and the result will be made available later this year. If you think you’re the target audience, do take the survey, it just takes a few minutes so don’t be daunted by the fact that it is 18 pages long, most of them are really short.

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  • I remember a survey of free lancers available where they surveyed freelancers choices of moving into freelancing as well as sharing some of the payment terms on the survey. it was great.

    No one can beat a list apart. there work and freebees are the best. i as a designer of webartsense refer their site for a lot of work. Highly recommend it.

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