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A political blogger, untamed, rattles cages in D.C

A political blogger, untamed, rattles cages in D.C

Christian Science Monitor> It’s a warm Saturday night and the venue is the Dupont Circle brownstone of journalist/writer Peter Bergen, the dapper Al Qaeda specialist. Joe Lockhart, former press secretary to President Clinton, is there. By the fridge is Tricia Enright, spokeswoman for the pre-implosion Dean campaign. A State Department official, amid a cluster of British publishing types, is bemoaning the Halliburton subsidiary that lost her laundry while she was in Iraq. She wonders, in a mock whine, if the vice president might be able to retrieve her lingerie.
The occasion? The launch of an irreverent, sometimes scurrilous, occasionally inane, often hilarious new Web log about (what else?) politics. read more>

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  • I love my daily dose of Wonkette. Now, if we could only get one here in Canada. Who wouldn’t want to report on Ottawa and our own scandals?


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