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A Time of Giving

A Time of Giving

This season is a time of giving and we at the Blog Herald would like to celebrate the holidays with a small gift of our own.

After the New Year, we will be giving $200 USD to a blog that needs some financial help, as well as a link on our blogroll for the whole of 2007.

The criteria for the winning blog is only that it should be helping to make our world a better place. This can be achieved in many different ways, from increasing our awareness as a society, being a symbol of hope through example or more obvious ways- such as fundraising or research.

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To recommend a blog or to apply, please leave a comment or email us before midnight, PST, Dec. 31st: editor[at]

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  • Hello,

    I am Tajim from Nepal. I would like to get some help. I am working on to bult a network of blogs. Right now i have this blog . which is a one stop source for blogs from nepal. You can check the blog to find out more. I am single person running this blog right now and i really want to build a better tommorow through blogs/


  • Angelo- it will be a joint decision made by all those who work on the back end of BH, including yourself. So I guess that disqualifies you!

  • What a lovely idea! Best wishes to all entrants!

    (Does making people laugh count as “making the world a better place”? LOL)

    Stopping by everyone on my blogroll.
    Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season and a glorious New Year!

  • Wow! This would greatly help bloggers-in-need out there. Now I don’t know if I should apply, and I don’t even know if the deadline has already passed, because I’m already blessed with a free + hosting, though the price money is very tempting, it’s enough to get me that digi-cam I’ll need for my undergrad thesis next year.


    Good luck to those who have already applied! :D

  • Still a few days (Dec 31) away ’til we pick the deserving blog/blogger out there. Blog about it and help spread the word. :) Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Is my blog eligible?

    But more than the price, what matters is the recognition that you have been adding value to the world we are livin’.

    The generosity of the people behind this are well noted. Definitely, it will be returned to them a hundred fold.

  • wow. this is such a great opportunity you guys provide for all the bloggers out there. keep up this great work! kudos to u guys!
    pls do visit my blog if you got the cance. thanks.

  • This is an interesting idea. I’ll be sure to post, and I suppose I’ll apply. I do my best to provide some diversion, as well as a little humor mixed in with news and inspiration of a Jewish persuasion.

  • I’m a huge believer in making the world a better place. Currently looking to raise 10k for a mens shelter in Tijuana. Plus I’d love it if I could well get added back into the blogroll now that I’ve left and been purged.


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