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Abe Olandres signing in…

Abe Olandres signing in…

Hello everyone! Abe here signing in for the Blog Herald. I will be the new editor here at the Blog Herald. This is a huge challenge for me and filling in the shoes of Matt Craven and original editor/founder of TBH Duncan Riley is no easy task!

This is a bit late and I should have posted earlier and introduced myself to everyone but I have been away this week delivering blogging & podcasting workshops to NGOs and political party members here in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is just a week after my previous workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan. The transition and formal announcement of the sale of the Blog Herald was right in the middle of my travels and spotty hotel internet kept me from getting online as much as I would have wanted.

So, moving on, I’d like to post a quick introduction of myself. I’m a long time reader and big fan of the Blog Herald and I’ve also been problogging fulltime for about a year. My personal blog is at Yugatech though I am also managing several group blogs here, here and here which are mostly about the Philippines.

Lately, I’ve also been asked to contribute to local tech magazines including PC Mag Philippines.

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I’d like to thank everyone here, especially the current pool of contributors, for the great work they’ve done. Thanks to Matt as well for keeping TBH in tip top shape as well as Mark for giving me the opportunity to be at the helm of The Blog Herald.

We’ve got so many things planned out for the Blog Herald but we’re still familiarizing ourselves around here. It may take some time but we want to be sure of what we’re doing and not rush things. Again, thanks to everyone for welcoming us.

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