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Ad Network CrispAds up for sale on ebay

Ad Network CrispAds up for sale on ebay

Following in the footsteps of Web 2.0 startup Kiko, CrispAds has put itself up for sale on eBay. The initial asking price is $90,000. As of this writing, the ad network has not yet received any bids.

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CrispAds appears to have decent ad volume and capabilities. They served over 145m impressions in their entertainment category last month and a further 118m impressions in their technology category.

What the posting on eBay doesn’t disclose is sales, revenue, margin, and profitibility, although there are some hints about the margin rate further down in the auction posting.

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Kiko, of course, sold for around $250,000 – but the bidding only picked up towards the end of the auction. The CrispAds auction ends on September 24th.

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  • Well. Might be something for a blog nework to buy. I’m actually a bit surprised that none of the larger blog networks are operating a blog ad network. They would sell on their own blogs (all the revenue) and also on other blogs (sharing revenue).

    Possible interest conflict? Perhaps, but then again the ad network might get more ads to rotate just because of a solid blog network backing it…

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