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Add a Free & Useful Toolbar to Your Blog

Add a Free & Useful Toolbar to Your Blog

wibiyaIt’s no secret that the most popular way to get ideas for your blog is by reading other blogs. I recently stumbled across a blog that was using the exact functionality that I had been trying to implement on my blog. Lucky for me (and you) it’s a simple third-party plug-in that works well with all blog platforms.

The customizable Wibiya toolbar adds several useful tools to your blog, many which have the ability to increase the time people spend on your site. Choose to add a search box, a translation tool that can convert your site into 10 different languages, a pop-up notification box (very useful in getting regular reader’s attention) and a Twitter dashboard that displays recent Tweets and @ messages.

Check out the Wibiya bar installed on my career blog.

Buttons also allow readers to subscribe to your RSS feed, view recent posts or select a random post to peruse.

Logging in lets you view additional statistics. Among them: how many blog posts were shared on social networks, how many posts were translated, the number of Tweets read and more.

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Register here and receive an invite within a few days.

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  • I tried it on my blog and didn’t like the performance hit. Plus, its functionality is not that big of a deal.

  • I have not seen any adverse effect. I think WordPress users have many other great plug-ins, but users of other platforms, which are less accommodating when it comes to extras, might find this of use. So far, my visitors have taken notice.

  • goin to try this is it really work like it said or not but I hope it will work like what we hope becase from what i’m understand here is Wibaya offer a plugin bundle, that make job easier, i love easy thing, do you?

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    I just wanted to let you know that what you are seeing now of the Wibiya service is just the tip of the iceberg, you may say just a teaser.

    There is a lot to wait for.

    Dror Ceder (co-founder)

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