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Adobe Launches, Google Should Be Worried

Adobe Launches, Google Should Be Worried

The online apps keeps pushing forward, and Adobe is the most interesting challenger to Google’s App suite if you ask me. Photoshop Express is cool, and now they’re rolling out, containing PDF creation, the Buzzword online word processor, conferencing options, share features, and more. Sure, it’s early, but I’m initially impressed, not to mention by the fact that Adobe’s visual appeal makes Google Apps look ugly rather than simple.

From the mammoth launch post:

We are starting with three distinctive applications:

  • Adobe Buzzword for creating and reviewing documents together.
  • Adobe ConnectNow for holding full-fledged online web conferences with up to three people.
  • The organizer for sharing 5GB of files with others online, including the ability to convert 5 documents to PDF and embed your documents in blogs, wikis or other web pages.

More to come. Google should be afraid, although I’ll refrain from swapping my Google Apps to for the time being.

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  • I don’t know whether or not Google should really be worried, I personally would consider Google to be better at coding web apps than Adobe is but at the same time they have (in recent weeks) shown that they also are pretty good at web apps.

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