African Warlords using blogs to compete with rivals

Rebel leaders in Sudan are using blogs to communicate with each other as part of an ongoing fued as to who actually controls the main rebel group in the country.

The Sudan Tribune reports that the leaders of the main rebel movement in Sudan’€™s Darfur region were once “brothers in arms”. But last year, the two powerful men had a falling out, and each proclaimed he was the rightful president of the Sudanese Liberation Army. But as much as things getting ugly, no bullets were used, they battled against each other via their blogs.

“I got his e-mails and read those bitter diaries,” said Mohamed al-Nur, a founder of the rebel group, at a conference held in Sudan late last year by the United States to try to bring the two sides together.

“That’€™s the only place we hear from you ‘€” on that Internet!” hooted Saif Haroun, a spokesman for Minni Arko Minnawi, the newly proclaimed leader. “You run your rebellion from a computer?”

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Bizarre really. When even warlords have blogs who’s left? :-)

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