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@AKGovSarahPalin joins Twitter

@AKGovSarahPalin joins Twitter

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has officially joined the ranks of Twitter addicts. The Alaska governor has so far amassed 12,096 followers (as of this writing).

“This is my official Twitter feed – from here I’ll provide updates on issues concerning Alaskans. Learn more about AK at,” the governor said in her first post.

Yesterday, she also posted her take on Swine Flu. “We still have no reported cases of swine flu. Be vigilant, AK! Wash hands & watch for flu-like symptoms. Go to”

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Palin is following, among others, Bill O’reilly, David Gregory, Mike Huckabee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karl Rove and of course… John McCain. She is not currently following @BarakObama and me.

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  • It took great courage and forethought for Sarah Palin
    to leave the Governor’s office early. Her detractors
    will be wearing dunce hats before too long. Simply
    remember that ‘the Eagle does not catch flies’. She has
    an iron hand in a velvet glove –

    Frederic Pittera

  • You know what you are doin, so all the best at it and hope you silence your critics once and for all. wold love to see you surprise everybody as we love you and wish for nothing but the best for you and your family

  • Sarah, you are the best and freshest face in politics we have seen in many years. Go for it. Bjay

  • You go miss, you have a great following in america, or whats left of it. Suggestion is to run as a different party canidate, the republicans and democrats are afraid of a real american that wasnt groomed for the position that they will do whatever to keep you out, but middle america is behind you.

  • Good luck with this approach.I hope for the sake of what is right this works.People need to start voting American and stop the craziness.We need to can the bunch of them, Dems and Republicans, and start again with term limits to keep the thieves out.Get rid of the FED and start printing our own money again. They have stolen our history and our future.Start teaching the constitution in our schools.People are ignorant as to what the rights of the people are and that is the way the Government wants it.

  • It takes a lot of class and courage to step down and to do what is best for the people of your state. We the people believe in you. We are strong together. Your are a great person and a TRUE American. We believe in you, So go get’em girl!

  • We need to stop the ACORN shenanigans with the voting frauds start following the LAW.
    Al Franken and Obama. It’s a disgrace. Same as most media these days.

  • A true American with the values of an American! It’s about time!
    This sorry bunch of sissies in Washington need to be shown up by a woman. If we had worried about being politically correct in WW II , we would be a communist country now. You’re not alone Sarah!

  • Why do you all take up for her, is there that many nieve people in this country?

    how can anyone be for someone that would compromize there values to run a smear campain against an honest and fair man like President Obama. We had eight years of a do nothing President and now you want us to vote for a quitter. Are you all blondes!!!!!

  • Well Gapper There are no [ nieve ] people in this world because nieve cannot be found in the american dictionary…As well ,the word campain and compromize is not there either.. so now we all know you can’t spell… but whats even worse you are stupid .. You and those who agree with your viewpoint are about to see the result of the so called change as voiced by the idiot and his gang that now supposedly lead this country. You and those like you are about to see the biggest shaft ever shoved into the colons of the American People..It is already in process and will get worse.. So your eight years of a do nothing President and the so called quitter Sarah Palin hands down are better choices than that idiot group in Washington.. As an Independant voter looking for real change the Washington gang and you,,,SUCK !!!!!!!

  • Frederick Pittera – Switzerland

    Donald Trump, the only American running for President who has had the courage to tell it as it is
    as opposed to the spineless detractors and perennial politicians who have nothing to lose, but
    are blowing hot air for the attendant publicity and self. aggrandisement. He will never have to
    defend the truth to Americans who are no longer gullible to the antics of lying politicians.

    Remember ‘the Eagle does not catch flies!. Trump has an iron hand in a velvet glove, and is
    placing his wealth where his mouth is!! Will you ever find an honest politician willing to match
    Trump??… NO WAY!

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