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Akismet Gives Spammers 20 Billion Reasons To Hate WordPress

Akismet Gives Spammers 20 Billion Reasons To Hate WordPress

Yesterday Akismet (a service by Automattic, the company behind WordPress) announced that they have killed off their 20 billionth comment spam in their war to keep bloggers comment sections free from ominous links.

Today Akismet caught its 20 billionth spam.

That’s an average of around 10 million per day over the 5 years since Akismet first launched. Currently we deal with 30 million spam comments on a typical day, or about 350 per second.

To put that in perspective: if Akismet users had to spend one second manually deleting each of those comments, it would have taken over 600 years to moderate them all. (And each new day’s flood of spam would add another year to the queue). (Official Akismet Blog)

Akismet is a freemium service by Automattic which offers bloggers a way to keep their sites spam free without having to utilize random quizzes, CAPTCHA’s (aka silly word puzzles), or force users to register before voicing their opinion.

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Ironically Akismet’s success has forced other platforms (like Blogger) to develop real anti-spam features, especially now that spammers are resorting to cheap labor in third world countries to spam the blogosphere.

While Akismet isn’t the only tool available for bloggers in their never ending war against spam, its success has enabled bloggers to spend more time creating content instead of moderating their comment section.

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