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Alaskan Librarian slams bloggers as ignorant

Alaskan Librarian slams bloggers as ignorant

Greg Hill, a director of Fairbanks North Star Borough libraries, Alaska, has shared his views on bloggers in a piece in the local rag, the News-Miner
“The reach and power of telecommunications and computers have enabled everyone to spread evidence of their ignorance farther and faster than ever before. For proof, look at the recent emergence of blogs…Blogs focus on whatever subjects their creators care to expound upon… most are merely personal rants. When bloggers feel passionately enough about a subject, often themselves, they create and regularly update blogs… Actual knowledge is purely optional…As the old computer maxim GIGO states, “garbage in, garbage out,” and the person believing everything he reads–especially on blogs–is living dangerously indeed. ”

Should we care what a two bit librarian in backwater, Alaska, has to say about blogging? Probably not. But slam bloggers and we reserve the right to let others know of the blogphobia you hold and encourage others to share their views with you via email to [email protected]

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  • That’s pretty lame – posting his e-mail address.

    He’s got a point, no? Of course, he ignores the good. There are much worse crimes. What’s Scott Peterson’s e-mail address?

  • He’s got a point about the naive reader who believes everything he reads, but this is the freedom of speech: if you don’t speak out, even if wrong, then how can you get to the truth? it’s the sharing of different point of views and the ability to compare them, all in one place, that makes blogs and forums the perfect place for knowledge seekers. So this director has a point of view, and I am against him, and now whoever is reading this will decide on which side to stand
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  • This librarian’s comments are particularly disappointing since librarians are blogging like mad these days. And I, as a current Masters of LIbrary Science student, find that I get a lot of my best resources through blogs like Research Buzz and research paper topics from blogs like Open Access News. Generally speaking, librarians in the U.S. have shown an intense commitment to both user privacy and free speech. Sorry about that one.

  • It is disappointing that a librarian is so negative towards free sources of knowledge. In a time when so many sites and services cost money anything that can help knowledge sharing is important. Obviously this person hasn’t really looked into blogs or he would find a wealth of well written sites dedicated to all sorts of subjects.

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